4th Voyage is the 4th chapter of the Miniskirt Pirates manga. It was released in the September 2012 issue of Nico Nico Asahi Comic Fantasy and later in Miniskirt Pirates Manga Volume 1.


Yotof delivers data on the ghost ship to Gruier and the Bentenmaru begins its search.

Major EventsEdit

  • After a short fight with Schnitzer due to a misunderstanding, Yotof delivers the data on the Golden Ghost Ship to Gruier.
  • After the crew discuss the data, the Bentenmaru sets out in search of the Golden Ghost Ship.


New CharactersEdit




Differences from Light NovelEdit

  • In the original version, there wasn't a fight with Yotof and his group, and the encounter was in space rather than at Hakuoh Academy [1][2].



  1. Miniskirt Pirates Volume 2
  2. Sailing 09

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