Athena Sakyura (アテナ・サキュラー, Atena Sakyurā) is a teacher at Space University, teaching Galactic Civilisation History [1].


Personality & CharacterEdit


Athena Sakyura has been working at Space University for over a century. She was present on the university's research ship, Curiosity, a week before the end of the War of Independence, though not a professor at time.[1]


Timeslip Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Athena's somewhat dismissive attitude towards the history of frontier worlds like the Sea of the Morning Star was what led Jenny Dolittle, who was doing research for a paper that would teach her a lesson, to be onboard the Odette II when it encountered a space-time anomaly and time-slipped to the era of the War of Independence.[2]

War of Independence Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

After returning to the present day, Jenny asked Athena about whether there was any research being carried out at Space University concerning time travel. After inquiring why she was being asked the question, Athena took Jenny to a part of the university where such research was taking place.[1]

When the Bentenmaru and Odette II time-slipped to the week before the end of the war, they encountered the Curiosity, with Athena onboard.[1]

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Being a professor at Space University, Athena possesses a considerable degree of knowledge and academical ability.


Jenny DolittleEdit

Even though Jenny at first thought of her as an enemy that had no respect for the history of a relatively new planet as Sea of the Morning Star,[2] Athena seems to enjoy Jenny's thoughts and does not hesitate in teaching Jenny more than she expects, treating her much more generously and openly. Jenny changes her view on Athena after the timeslip events [1].


  • Athena's personal commuter looks like a car but is actually capable of flying and space flight, capable of flying from 4th planet Tania to Unibar Gs1 in a rather short time.
  • Her name, Athena, is that of the Greek goddess of wisdom.


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