Bentenmaru - Firing Cannons

The Bentenmaru firing its cannons

A Beam (ビーム, Bīmu) is a narrow stream of energy or particles, often artificially generated. Beam cannons (ビーム砲, Bīmu-hō) are weapons commonly installed on warships.


The effect of a beam on a target usually depends on its intended purpose, composition and output - while most beams are meant to damage and destroy a target, some can be used to stun the target or disable them, and some can be used to forcibly communicate with the target [1].

Armed spaceships are often equipped with beam cannons. Due to a beam cannon's high energy output, it cannot be used within an atmosphere without the air expanding and exploding in front of it [2].

To protect themselves from beams, warships often employ Beam Dispersers - pieces of reflective material which are spread out to reflect and disperse incoming beams, reducing the chance of the ship getting hit [3]. Some ships are also equipped with shields which block or deflect beams [4][5].


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