The Begin The Beguine (ビギン・ザ・ビギン, Bigin Za Bigin) [1] is a liner operated by Fairy Jane, which the Bentenmaru is hired to raid in Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace. The raid brings about the meeting between Marika Kato and Kanata Mugen, setting off the main events of the movie [2].



The liner has a streamlined shape with the hull expanding out sideways towards the rear of the ship. Moving from the bow towards the stern, the elevation and the number of decks on the upper hull increase, until just before a sail/fin and the rear arch.

There is an arch under the ship, just behind the bow with a small swept wing attached to port and starboard sides and a fin underneath. A protrusion is present on the underside of the central hull. Either side of the ship on the upper, central hull, are grooves leading to a cone.

There is a large arch that crosses over the stern from the rear wings. Just before this, behind the top deck is a sail/fin. There is a small forward-swept wing on the ends of the large wings at the rear of the ship. At the stern is a cylindrical engine with a glowing ring at its end.


Colour SchemeEdit

The ship's hull is primarily white with blue along the edges of the bow, fins, wings, and part of the rear arch.


Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

Just as the Begin The Beguine is about to leave port, Kanata Mugen uses his Galaxy Pass to board the liner in order to escape his pursuers. His pursuers, seeing the ship leave, contact their associates on the liner. Not long after, Jenny Dolittle hires the Bentenmaru to perform a pirate raid on the Begin The Beguine, during a time when pirate jobs are being cancelled due to a series of subspace accidents. Marika agrees, requesting a little ad-lib addition to the performance after spotting Kanata's name on the passenger list.

The Bentenmaru carries out the raid as Kanata Mugen is being cornered on the liner by his pursuers. During the performance, Marika directs a certain phrase in Kanata's direction to get his attention and uses the cover of his demand to be taken hostage rather than the passengers to bring him aboard the Bentenmaru [2][3].



  • The ship shares its name with Begin the Beguine, a jazz song written by Cole Porter in the 1930s. It's name is also close to Begin the Begin, the first song of R.E.M.'s fourth album, Life's Rich Pageant, which was named as a pun on the former.


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