The Ben Casey (ベン・ケーシー, Ben Kēshī) is a military hospital ship where the Bentenmaru crew were quarantined following infection with a virus.



There are two circular segments on either side of the ship with connecting sections between them at either end and a central block in the middle. A tower is located in the centre of the vessel. There are several sections extruding from the outer segments.


The ship has various facilities and rooms that would be expected of a hospital ship, such as isolation wards [1]. The canteen is located in a large hall [2].

Colour SchemeEdit

The Ben Casey is primarily white with a blue-green band around the tower and on the borders of the outer segments. There is an emblem painted on the tower, with a pink heart and a blue planet with a ring around it, in front of the bottom of the heart.


Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

While the Bentenmaru was transporting a cargo of cat-monkeys, a timer set on the bio-container opened it up and released its occupants, one of which was infected with a virus that spread through the ship's ventilation system. The Bentenmaru's crew were taken to the Ben Casey and placed in quarantine while the ship was disinfected [1]. As they weren't likely to be let out of quarantine before the Letter of Marque expired, Marika had to find a substitute crew. The Bentenmaru crew remained on the Ben Casey while the subsequent events unfolded, aiding Marika in what way they could from within quarantine.


  • The ship is named after the protagonist of a medical drama on the same name which aired in the 1960s.


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