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Bounty Arc
Volumes Volume 8
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The Bounty Arc is a story arc in the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Following her departure from the Skull Star, Marika is contacted by the bounty hunter Noel Blue who is after a certain mark, whom Marika has crossed paths with before and is after something on the Sea of the Morning Star.


During Marika's expedition to the Skull Star, Gruier is involved in a kidnapping incident, during which she meets a group of orphans living on the streets and the bounty hunter Noel Blue who protects them [1]. After a further incident involving the Gens Family, Gruier makes it back to the Silent Whisper in time for the group's departure.

Following the departure from the Skull Star, Noel contacts and meets with Marika on a liner to request her help in capturing a bounty - the hacker and scammer Jackie Kelvin [2][3]. Jackie is revealed to be attempting to infiltrate Hakuoh Academy in order to access the former government office underground and obtain a document from the time of the War of Independence - a surrender document for the Sea of the Morning Star, which was made in the event of the Colony Federation being overcome by the Stellar Aliance, and still valid [4].

After speaking to Oyaji-san concerning information concerning the war, Marika and her group head into the underground section of Hakuoh Academy. They manage to find Jackie and pursue him, however when they have him cornered on the roof of one of the buildings Jackie escapes using the Luna Lion [5]. In the end, it is revealed that the document that Jackie was after was not under Hakuoh Academy after all, but instead hanging on the wall in Oyaji-san's restaurant [5].

Major EventsEdit


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