Bunzaemon Kato (加藤文左衛門, Katō Bunzaemon) (full name Bunzaemon Chirusonian Kato, 加藤 ちるそにあん 文左衛門, Katō Chirusonian Bunzaemon) was the captain of the Bentenmaru during the War of Independence, and Marika Kato's great-grandfather [1].


Personality & CharacterEdit


During the War of Independence, Bunzaemon Kato received the Letter of Marque for the Bentenmaru from the Sea of the Morning Star government, one of the first seven pirate captains to receive them [1].


War of Independence Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

When the Odette II travelled back to the time of the War of Independence (specifically December 21st, New calendar year 129) in search of the missing Bentenmaru, the ship had an encounter with the wartime Bentenmaru. During this encounter, Marika spoke to Bunzaemon, posing as Suzuka Shiratori, the first-mate of the Hakuchou at that time [1].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As captain of the Bentenmaru, Bunzaemon likely possessed the skills that are required of a pirate captain, however it isn't known to what extent.



  • The name Chirusonian Bunzaemon Kato is a play on the name of a character in "Prefectural Earth Defense Force" - Kisoya Chilthonian Bunzaemon Jr. (木曽屋チルソニアン文左衛門Jr.), the difference being the family name changed to Kato and Chilthonian changed from katakana to hiragana (making use of interchangeable s and th pronounciation).


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