Planet ~ Calmwind

The planet Calmwind.

Calmwind, alternatively Wind of the Calm Star (かぜのなぎほし, Kaze no Nagihoshi), is a planet which is the venue for the Nebula Cup [1].


Constellations and features of Calmwind's night sky include the Tuna Fish (マグロ座, Maguroza) and the Purple Star (紫星, Murasakiboshi) which, when a line is extended between them, lead north [1].


From space, the planet appears largely green with patches of yellow and blue. Its atmosphere outlines the planet, appearing a yellow-green colour from space, though blue from within [1].


Nebula Cup - High Winds

High wind currents and auroras during solar activity

Calmwind has an atmosphere that is breathable to humans [1]. Perhaps contrary to its name, certain regions in the atmosphere display very strong and sporadic wind currents, aggravated by solar flares, accompanied by auroras [1]. A large part of the planet is covered by water [1].


The planet has been the venue for the dinghy racing tournament, the Nebula Cup, during the 19 years that it has been run [1].

Nebula Cup ArcEdit

During the 19th Nebula Cup, solar activity from Calmwind's sun aggravated the wind currents in Calmwind's atmosphere [1].



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