A Cat-Monkey (猫猿, Nekosaru) is a species of animal that has emerged by the time that the series takes place.


Developed in the frontier regions, cat-monkeys are used by certain facilities as a guinea pigs for infectious diseases [1].


They resemble a cross between a cat and a monkey (hence their name), with a simian body with purple fur and a feline face.


Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

The Bentenmaru received a job to transport a bio-container that contained a number of cat-monkeys. After Marika had left the ship (since she wasn't needed for this particular job), a preset timer caused the bio-container to open and the cat-monkeys inside escaped. Five of them were carrying an infectious disease, which spread through the ship's ventilation system [2].

This resulted in the crew being infected and quarantined, unlikely to be released before their Letter of Marque expired, meaning Marika had to find a replacement crew [2].

Fever Mouretsu PiratesEdit

Cat-Monkeys occasionally appear in the game, their appearance signaling the chance for a slot machine mini-game, provided that they are caught [3].


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