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Chiaki comes from the Sea of the Forest Star planet. Unlike Marika who grew up unaware of her position as the future captain of the Bentenmaru, Chiaki was likely raised, aware of her inheritance, in the pirating environment, though she had yet to do any official pirating work before the start of the series.


Recruitment ArcEdit

Chiaki ~ Debut

Chiaki Kurihara debuts.

Chiaki transferred into Marika's class — the Snow Class — at Hakuoh Academy concurrently with the appointment of Kane McDougal as the homeroom teacher. When she introduced herself to the class, many students (Marika moreso) thought she was kind of cool and cute. As she passed Marika on the way to her seat, she looked at her and made eye contact, slightly confusing Marika. Soon after she enrolled, Misa and Kane found out that Chiaki joined the yacht club, though they were off due to server maintanence.

After school, Chiaki appeared at the Lamp House during Marika's shift. When Marika started talking to her, she mentioned she was surprised and asked if Marika was showing off or simply didn't understand. Marika was then called away and told Mami to take Chiaki's order. Mami asked Chiaki if she and the others knew each other, to which she asked why.

Chiaki ~ Parfait Love

Chiaki is enchanted by the chocolate parfait.

She then had a look at the menu and her composure slipped when she noticed the chocolate parfait, which she then accidentally ordered. When Marika came back to Chiaki, whose concentration was solely focused at her parfait before her, she encouraged Chiaki to eat it before it melted. Her eyes filled with vigor, Chiaki then deeply enjoyed a bite and a moment of utter happiness before quickly snapping back to reality. As Marika asked her about joining the yacht club, Chiaki in turn asked her why she was working there. When Marika gave her an innocuous answer, Chiaki angrily asked Marika if she understood her position.

Just afterwards a man claiming to be from New Okuhama Airport security, saying to Marika that there had been some trouble at the relay station and that her mother had requested protection for her. However Chiaki asked why airport security was providing protection and not the police, and told the man he needn't continue his farce. As the man prepared a hidden weapon, Chiaki yelled at Marika to cover her eyes before firing off a signal round, igniting a gunfight. Chiaki then grabbed Marika's hand and ran outside, taking her away from the cafe.[1]

Chiaki ~ Answers

Chiaki explains the situation to Marika.

After taking Marika some distance away from the cafe (while continuing to eat her parfait), Chiaki explained what she did and told Marika that the man had intended to kidnap her. She also explained that the customers at the cafe were from various factions sent to keep an eye on Marika, the reason being Marika's potential position as the Bentenmaru's captain in the near future. Finishing her parfait and thanking Marika for her dessert, Chiaki went to leave, saying that though Marika had a lot of questions, there were already people she could ask. A note was left in the glass by Chiaki which said that the parfait was delicious.

Chiaki was looking at the bookshelf in the yacht club's room when Kane came in and introduced himself as their new advisor. She looked his way briefly before turning back with a hmph. During the long weekend, she went with the rest of the yacht club to perform pre-flight checks on the Odette II, ready for the practice cruise. She was on the bridge working on one of the consoles when Kane came in and she looked his way as he talked to Marika. As the rest of the yacht club counted down to the reboot, she looked away when Kane looked her way.

Chiaki-Marika ~ Prior Events

Chiaki is thanked for saving Marika.

Later, Chiaki was on duty with Marika on the Odette II's bridge. When Marika thought aloud what Kane was thinking, Chiaki asked back whether it mattered as it wasn't unusual for first years to be paired together on the duty rooster, and speculated how he might be trying to figure out her motives by pairing her with Marika. Marika thanked her for earlier since she didn't do so then, however Chiaki said she didn't save her, she simply couldn't bear watching, and brought her hands down on the console's keyboard in denial when Marika said that was called saving.

As Chiaki continued her work on the console, Marika asked her what she was doing. She told her how people were trying to break in since the ship was connected to the network but said it was not a big deal at the moment, just auto-patrolling robots and spam viruses. However she hoped it was going to stay that way as she felt as though someone else was trying to break in, mentioning how the idea of electronic warfare is to take over the enemy's system before they notice. When Marika asked who, she replied irritated that she couldn't tell. She was slightly surprised when Marika moved to the electronic warfare console and asked her if she knew how to use it, annoyed when the answer was no.

Chiaki-Marika ~ Communications

Chiaki and Marika discover an anomaly.

Both girls then noticed a pulse on one of the consoles and found that it was synchronised to the external communications. Chiaki considered the antenna, but rejected her assumption because it was deemed illogical. Simultaneously, she and Marika realised that it was from a direct cable, much to her annoyance. Knowing that the attack was coming from inside the relay station, the two set to work with Chiaki narrowing down the comm filters to the direct lines they were connected to. She narrowed down the source to where the Lightning 11 was moored, but after looking at the image, Chiaki found herself asking why a simple transport ship has a large antenna unfolded.

Marika then decided to counterattack, which Chiaki thought as mad since an amateur couldn't engage in electronic warfare. She recommended pulling the cable and explaining to Kane tomorrow, however Marika said that then it would be too late and that they should fight back now and teach them a lesson, otherwise they would try again later. Chiaki told Marika not to blame her for what happens and said she doesn't know much knowledge of electronic warfare either. She remarked that Marika was quite decisive - not what she had expected.[2]

Chiaki ~ Nickname


When Marika was thinking about a phrase to start the operation, Chiaki told Marika that electronic warfare wasn't what she thought it was, saying that you had to wait quietly and leave the enemy alone before sneaking in with your guard up. Marika then replied that Chiaki hadn't done electronic warfare before either, addressing her as 'Chiaki-chan', to her surprise. After booting up the electronic warfare systems, Chiaki reminded Marika that they should pull the plug should they be outmatched. Chiaki added there was no room for hesitation when engaged in electronic warfare, but before she could say anything else, she noticed that the system had begun communicating on its own.

Chiaki found that it was connecting to an external database (Stellar Military records), and realised that these were automatic defences which had started operating as soon as the system was booted up. She also realised not look after that all the onboard power was being re-routed to the electronic warfare systems and that four or five times usual power was being drawn from outside. She tried to control the power consumption, telling Marika, who was encouraging the system, to give her a hand.

Despite her efforts, the power usage caused the dock's breaker to trip, just as the ship's systems had almost been fully reclaimed. The two reactivated the power from the dock, after which Chiaki pointed out to Marika the yacht club members who had come to see what had happened and left her in charge of their excuse, seeing as she was responsible for their situation.

Chiaki ~ Non-Aggression Pact

Chiaki expounds on the non-aggression pact concerning Marika.

After a simulator session, Chiaki visited Lamp House and was greeted with a 'Chiaki-chan!' by Marika and Mami, something which she promptly denied. Eating her parfait, she told Marika of the conditions of the non-aggression pact regarding her that had been formed, as well as telling her that after she becomes an official pirate they would include her in pirate discussions. When Marika said she hadn't decided yet, Chiaki asked her, the girl who was thrilled at the prospect of electronic warfare, what she was talking about. She then told her not to run away from it, mentioning that her teacher was a pirate and that shady people were after her, meaning the practice cruise would likely be full of danger.

After the exams and closing ceremony were over, Chiaki joined the other yacht club members, assembled on the lawn outside, ready for the trip into space. During the launch, she was stationed on the communications console. After one of the yards became stuck during mast deployment, Kane decided to take the first-year students on a spacewalk to fix the problem. After changing into their spacesuits, the group gathered at the airlock and proceeded to go outside the ship. After taking in the view, they moved to where the yard was stuck. After Marika's proposed plan was approved, Chiaki assumed a position on the yard with Lilly to help slide it past and deploy the mast. After the mast was raised to normal position, the group performed a full inspection then returned inside.[3]

Chiaki was stationed on the communications console as the Odette II turned and made its way towards the inner planets of the Tau system. That night, she was once again on duty on the bridge with Marika. When Marika commented on how deliberate it felt, Chiaki replied that it was not worth thinking about and asked how the radar scan looking as there should be fewer ships than when they left port. When Marika recalled the rules regarding transponders, Chiaki asked why she was reading them to her. After hearing, she told Marika that the weather report from the relay station was cutting out at regular intervals and the logs indicated that periodic transmissions to the control bureau were cutting out as well. Ignoring Marika's joke, she concured with the possibility of it being the Lightning 11, saying that they were likely hiding in wait somewhere. She agreed with Marika's idea to check out every ship individually via radar.

When Marika asked about the point of jamming communications, she asked her what she thought. She mentioned that they were probably collecting data as they jammed their periodic transmissions. She agreed with most of what Marika thought, but told her that she was forgetting something important, whether she wanted to fight alone on a ship with everyone on board. She said about Marika's performance on the dinghy simulation and that she had good instincts, but if she acted on them, she'd involve everyone else. She also asked if anyone knew that she was thinking about becoming a pirate captain, mentioning that space pirates were also but forgotten, and asked if anyone would believe her if she told them.

Chiaki ~ Light Warning

Chiaki informs Marika of the implications of her actions.

As Marika moved from the radar to the electronic warfare console and switched it to manual, Chiaki asked what she was planning to do. When she learned that Marika intended to scan using the fire control's high-frequency radar, Chiaki lost her composure briefly, saying that any battleships in the area would think they were readying an attack and fire on them without hesitation, however Marika told her that she had already checked and there were no battleships nearby, saying it would be their fault for hiding. Sitting back down, Chiaki told her to set the radar for a close-range high-detail scan, giving them some pretext.

When the scan picked up a ship without an active transponder behind them, Chiaki read out the results of the radar scan that identified it as the battleship Alcyon. As she mentioned it was too late for excuses, Marika performed another scan, on which the ship was nowhere to be seen. Chiaki confirmed that there was nothing on the infrared sensors and no gravity waves or energy signals either. After the third scan, Chiaki looked up information on the Alcyon and found that it had been lost with all hands 120 years ago. Both of them realised the possibility of a ghost ship.

In the morning, Chiaki and Marika reported the ghost ship to Kane. After Kane assured them not to worry, saying that many sailors had had encounters with ghost ships, Chiaki asked if he had ever encountered one before. Kane assured them not to worry, saying that in the past hundred years, noone had been downed by a ghost ship and sent them away to have breakfast.

Chiaki-Marika ~ Eavesdropping

Chiaki and Marika monitor Kane's contact.

Later on the bridge, Chiaki listened in on Kane's communication to the Bentenmaru over a secret, encrypted line on the communication console and informed Marika of what she heard. She was slightly startled when Jenny caught them in the act. Chiaki was with the assembled yacht club on the bridge as Marika explained the situation and was surprised when Jenny revealed that she already knew about Marika's position as a captain candidate for the Bentenmaru. She was also surprised when the yacht club agreed to Marika's idea to fight off their pursuers themselves, considering it unexpected.

Later that day, Chiaki was stationed on the communications console again when a tired Marika came to talk to Jenny about her battle plans and when Lynn found the stealth unit that had been masquerading as the ghost ship. As Marika asked Jenny about making adjustments to the flight plan, she remarked to herself that it was going to be a long night.[4]

She listened as Marika's explanation about the change to the flight plan and the reasons why, and raised her hand with the others for the enemy's most likely hiding place. She remained quiet as Jenny announced to the others that the battle would be that night. Near to midnight, Chiaki was stationed on a console to the left of the electronic warfare console, monitoring the communication lines and system status.

Shortly after the space around the Odette II was flooded by electronic jamming waves, Chiaki noticed hacking on the ship's normal communications line. Not long afterwards, she informed the others that the enemy had found their way into the isolated dummy system and were attempting to seize control, believing it was the Odette II. She also said that she was fighting back as hard as possible but the default security settings were easy to break. When Marika noted that it was easy this time because they took precautions, Chiaki added that if they had lost control to the outside, the enemy would have been able to control their heading and life-support systems. When Lynn pointed out that if they had set the systems to automatic it wouldn't have worked, as the enemy had likely seen their automatic systems before at the relay station, Chiaki was slightly annoyed at the realisation. Following Lynn's answer to Jenny's question about how electronic warfare was conducted in the past, Chiaki reported that the dummy system was 50% taken over. After all the systems had been checked and the bulkheads were sealed, she reported that the dummy system was 100% hacked.

When the radar was restored, the scan picked up the Lightning 11 behind them, confirming what Chiaki had suspected. Shortly after the Lightning 11 sent a message demanding their surrender, Chiaki reported that they were attempting to ring their alarms, saying that they were likely trying to alert some 'idiot high school girls' who didn't realise their ship had been taken over, causing stiffled laughter from the others. She was surprised by Jenny's reply to the Lightning 11's message.

Chiaki ~ Tension

Chiaki quickly discerns imminent danger.

After the reply was sent, Chiaki assisted with the electronic warfare, increasing their output when the Lightning 11 flooded the area with jamming waves. They soon had control of the enemy systems and shut down their engines, however the systems suddenly disappeared from their screens. Lynn soon realised that the enemy had turned off their computer, alarming Chiaki. Shortly afterwards, alarms went off on the bridge as an energy wave was detected. Chiaki said that the Lightning 11 was probably firing a beam cannon at them and when asked how they were doing so without radar, she explained that they were likely using optical targeting systems.

As further beams passed by the ship, each one closer, she wondered whether it was luck or whether they were adjusting their range each time they fired. She suggested that they switched to normal propulsion and accelerate to run as the Lightning 11 wasn't able to move, however Marika told her not to as if they did they would be able to use infrared sensors and know exactly whether they were.

Chiaki pointed out that they couldn't return fire, however Marika said they could and told her to calculate the Lightning 11's position as accurately as she could, moving to the lower level. Chiaki asked her what she was going to do and was confused by her reply that she was going to use a 'secret weapon'. Despite this, she calculated the Lightning 11's position using the high-frequency radar and watched as Marika made adjustments on the mast control console while the beams neared the ship. As the masts moved to match Marika's adjustments and she explained about how the solar sails can be set to reflected all the sunlight that fell on them, Chiaki realised what she had done. The Lightning 11 stopped firing afterwards, blinded by the sunlight.

Chiaki ~ Fellow Pirate

Chiaki witnesses the birth of a new pirate.

When two more ships appeared on the radar, Chiaki remarked that the reinforcements had arrived. The yacht club was relieved to learn that one of the ships was the Bentenmaru, but was confused by the other one, the Barbaroosa. Chiaki identified it as her ship, surprising them. She said she was glad she came to see who might be the Bentenmaru's next captain before reintroducing herself to the group as the daughter of the Barbaroosa's captain. After the Odette II made it safely back to the Sea of the Morning Star, she watched as Marika informed her mother of her decision to become the Bentenmaru's captain.[5]
Chiaki ~ Fellow Trainee

"I'm here for the special training!"

Five days into Marika's training aboard the Bentenmaru, Chiaki was invited onto the ship to participate in the training. She was annoyed by Marika's happiness at seeing her again, denying that she was not there to see her, but came for the training. She then took various classes together with Marika. During an EVA exercise, the two talked about how spaceships are isolated once they set sail and how one has to construct their own bearings. When Marika commented on how it was a bit exciting, Chiaki said how she had thought of her as soft little princess but could see she was wrong.

She then mentioned how Marika needed to stop acting ditzy as it caused trouble for other people, at the very least making her angry. When Marika apologised, Chiaki muttered to herself that that was what she was talking about before dropping the matter.

Chiaki ~ Flying Alone

Chiaki tells an absent Marika that she is not alone.

When Misa briefed Marika on the raid on the Princess Apricot, Chiaki asked to help as well as she hadn't done any official pirating before then. She watched from the bridge as Marika boarded the liner and performed her swordfight with Kane, angrily commenting that she still wasn't moving well. Afterwards, Chiaki prepared to leave and rendezvouz with the Barbaroosa. She declined Kane's offer to wake Marika up to say goodbye, saying that her ditzy face made her unhappy. She enquired if Kane was going to change out of his blood-stained suit and considered his enjoyment of hearing people gasp when they saw it as something creepy.

On her way back to the Barbaroosa, Chiaki gazed at her 'trainee' tag and thought about Marika's words. With a pensive look, Chiaki admitted how one is not alone in space.[6]

Golden Ghost Ship ArcEdit

Chiaki-Mami ~ Ice Cream

Chiaki and Mami talk about Marika.

Chiaki transferred back to her old school at the height of summer. Some time afterwards, she visited the Sea of the Morning Star on an errand from her father. During her visit, she dropped by Lamp House, secretly hoping to see Marika. However Marika had left on a sudden job just before she came, so Mami served her parfait. After Mami's shift ended, they had a walk together and talked about Marika and the reason why she works herself to her limits. After buying the goods her father requested, she contacted him from the terminal, however after hearing something from him, she agreed to remain there and told him to send her new information as soon as he got it. [7]
Chiaki ~ Curtsy

Chiaki introduces herself in deference.

A few days after Gruier Serenity asked Marika to help her find the Golden Ghost Ship, Marika discovered Chiaki in the Yacht Club's room doing research. Chiaki told Marika that the Barbaroosa had also received a request to search for the ghost ship from an unknown client, which was why she sought more information. When Marika asked if Chiaki had gone to see the princess, Chiaki replied that she wasn't interested, getting annoyed when Marika continued.
When Gruier came in, Chiaki returned Gruier's formal curtsey before getting irritated at Marika for calling her 'Chiaki-chan' again. Immediately afterwards the rest of the Yacht Club came in, all calling her 'Chiaki-chan' to her considerable annoyance.
Chiaki ~ Marika's Uniform 02

Chiaki denies her happiness.

When Gruier asked about someone in the yacht club capable of faking attendance, Chiaki quickly realised that it was Mami who told her.[8]

During the Bentenmaru's search for the Golden Ghost Ship, Chiaki and the Barbaroosa covered their tracks by impersonating them in the usual raids on cruise liners, one of them called the Gorgeous Magi[9], with Chiaki pretending to be Marika.  When Marika wondered how Chiaki was doing, light years away, Chiaki sneezed while adjusting her replica of Marika's captain uniform in the mirror and quickly turned around to deny enjoying doing so.[10]

Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

Chiaki ~ Tavern Surprise

Chiaki appears before Marika and Gruier.

At the pub where Marika and Gruier contemplated on their recruiting dilemma, Chiaki was greeted by the girls after she reprimanded her father — Kenjo — for attempting to work for Marika. Introductions were exchanged, and the Barbaroosa crew along with Marika and Gruier proceeded to the docking bay where the Barbaroosa was anchored. Chiaki then asked Marika if she even had the time to waste with them when she needed a new crew as soon as possible. Chiaki continued to say that the Barbaroosa would be taking over the job of assaulting the Queen Esmeralda, the target previously assigned to the Bentenmaru, since the Bentenmaru crew was indisposed at the time.

After Marika apologised on her crew's behalf, Chiaki inquired into the present status of Marika's recruiting, to which she received an unfortunate reply.[11]

Chiaki then berated Marika for trying to recruit haphazardly. She later added that if Marika was to hire someone, she wouldn't be able to trust anyone she just met and so told Marika to honestly think about the people she trusted that knew how to pilot spaceships. Bewildered, Marika questioned the people Chiaki referred to, so Chiaki had no choice but to bluntly point out the Yacht Club. Chiaki later revealed that she would also be joining the Yacht Club in working with Marika.

Chiaki ~ Flight Plans

Chiaki reveals the plan.

On board the Odette II, Chiaki lays out the flight path of the ship while simultaneously briefing the Yacht Club of their true purpose: to get on board the Bentenmaru. In the middle of the instruction, Gruier and Grunhilde were discovered as stowaways which left Marika no choice but to accept their offer to assist. Chiaki subsequently urged Marika to quickly finish so that they could resume their trip to the Bentenmaru. She also casually revealed that she was the one who helped Gruier and Grunhilde stow away within the Odette II.[12]

Various problems surfaced soon after Chiaki and the Yacht Club entered the Bentenmaru. Since Marika was unfamiliar with the launch procedures of her own ship, she tried to "subtly" ask for Chiaki's help only to be coldly rejected. One failed launch later, Gruier proposed that the entire crew relax with a few sweets courtesy of the Lamp House. Marika was then contacted by Show during the break to hand her the Bentenmaru's launch manual that was frantically assembled by the confined Bentenmaru crew. With the manual in hand, the Yacht Club managed to boot up the Bentenmaru but found that none of them knew how to access FTL jumps.

Chiaki ~ Voyeur's Bane

Hidden camera annihilated.

To make the situation worse, a Stellar Military vessel was within their periphery most likely because of the accident previously caused when the crew was trying to figure out the Bentenmaru's mechanics. At that time, Chiaki advised Marika to flee, a tactic that ultimately succeeded with the help of an FTL jump. As the Bentenmaru traversed subspace, Chiaki, Gruier and Grunhilde found and disabled a hidden camera meant to monitor Marika's actions. Chiaki decided not to notify Marika of the matter to keep Marika's pride intact.

While dining at the cafeteria, Chiaki sharply reminded Marika that she needed to assign rooms for the entire crew. As she saw the interaction between the two, Lynn acknowledged Chiaki's harshness towards Marika. However, Gruier revealed that Chiaki merely wanted Marika to become a better pirate as quickly as she can. Chiaki tried to reject Gruier's thoughts before eating a spoonful of spicy curry.

Chiaki ~ Inevitable Headache

Chiaki laments at Mami's involvement.

Marika and Chiaki later taught the Yacht Club the basics of piracy before they launched their pirating operation. Though the majority of the members grew nervous at the sudden realization of the difficulty of their job, Marika reassured her novice crew while Chiaki offered to assist with piloting the helm. During the actual raid, however, multiple mistakes were made and Chiaki ended up expressing her agitation at the Yacht Club's awkward entrance. Additionally, weariness overcame Chiaki when she saw the playful perfomance of the crew and after she was told that the costumes worn by the crew were manufactured by none other than Mami.[13]

Celebrations were held as the Yacht Club returned to the Bentenmaru after a more or less successful pirating job. When Chiaki was asked by Gruier if she could go pirating aboard the Barbaroosa, Chiaki immediately reprimanded her for not considering her position as royalty. Once back in Marika's room, Chiaki ordered Marika to tidy herself up before sleeping. Seeing Chiaki in such a manner caused Marika to think of Chiaki as being motherly but admitted that it wasn't anything bad. The two then conversed about Lynn's recent actions that seemed peculiar when they were suddenly interrupted by Gruier and Grunhilde who had additional information about Lynn's activities. As the discussion grew in length, Chiaki concurred that Lynn might be a spy. However, Marika denied the claims of both Chiaki and Gruier and decided to simply talk to Lynn herself. When prompted to speak, Lynn ended up offering Marika a pirating job.

Chiaki ~ Law-Abiding Pirate

Chiaki elucidates the piracy situation.

The job Lynn proposed to Marika and her crew entailed the abduction of Jenny Dolittle. Following the job offer, Lynn revealed that it was in fact Jenny who wished to hire Marika. Chiaki intervened in the discussion by reiterating the law that pirates cannot actually commit any sort of crime, since they could only go pirating if they have made a contract with a company. Lynn responds with comprehension, but still wanted to hire Marika since she and Jenny trusted her. Various details of Lynn's and Jenny's intentions were then disclosed, with the main point being the transference of Jenny from the Central Lanes liner Ultimate Fairy to the Space University.

Everyone in the Yacht Club excitedly agreed to take on the mission, yet Chiaki sternly opposed it. As she listed the various consequences that may befall Marika and her crew, Marika paid no mind to her warnings because the job of taking Jenny away seemed enjoyable. While Chiaki once again tried to sway Marika, Marika continued to argue that being upstanding pirates wasn't very pirate-like, and so she decided to officially take the job. Chiaki ultimately surrendered to Marika's determination, and accepted her choice.

Chiaki ~ Silent Whisper

Chiaki and the Silent Whisper.

Seconds later, the crew was alerted of a fast-approaching ship that requested aid from the Bentenmaru. Lynn surmised that the pilot was Jenny, so Marika ordered the acquisition of the ship as the crew's top priority. Meanwhile, Chiaki scrutinized the ship Jenny was controlling — an electronic-reconnaissance vessel known as the Silent Whisper, manufactured from the Liosen Gelyune company. After the ship was successfully recovered, Chiaki once more expressed her concerns regarding the situation, whereas Marika only became more calmly headstrong with her decision.[14]

A message from Show was discovered by Chiaki following the introduction of Jenny to the new members of the Yacht Club. After the circumstances that involved Jenny and her uncle — Robert Dolittle — were discussed, negotiations were made concerning the Bentenmaru's compensation. Much later, Chiaki notified Marika and crew that a fleet of spaceships comprised of Talbot-classes and Corback-classes were rapidly aproaching their position. The arrival of a Maracot-class battleship, the Jabberwocky, was also announced by Chiaki moments after while the Bentenmaru found itself under constant bombardment from the surrounding enemies. Chiaki then pacified the panicking crew with a few choice words as she continued to provide piloting support. Shortly after, the barrage of artillery fire halted which caused Jenny to conclude that her uncle would be waiting for a response.

Within the captain's quarters, Marika, Chiaki, the Serenity sisters and Jenny began formulating a plan to counter the actions of Jenny's uncle. As they did so, another volley of cannon fire was received by the Bentenmaru, which prompted the five to hastily come to a decision. Jenny ultimately arrived at the outcome of unveiling her would-be fiancée's immoral deeds, with Chiaki and the others fully supporting her judgement.

Chiaki ~ Venting

Chiaki releases some accumulated stress.

Eventually, Marika, Chiaki, and the crew boarded the Glorious Coolph, which was Junigh Coolph's (Jenny's would-be fiancée) personal space vessel. There, Marika and Jenny publicized Junigh's rebellious actions while Chiaki intimidated and castigated Junigh's so-called revolutionaries. The crew was then interrupted by the expected arrival of Robert Dolittle, who demanded Jenny to surrender herself. Using the compiled data Marika received from her original crew (Chiaki previously remarked that she was simply being spoiled by them), she and Jenny managed to prevent Robert's plots and drove him away as a result.[15]

Another round of celebration was held upon the Yacht Club's return to the Bentenmaru. As Chiaki gently scolded the crew of their enthusiastic performance, they countered by mentioning Chiaki's own outrageous behavior inside the Glorious Coolph. Mentally fatigued, Chiaki deeply sighed but immediately stopped when Gruier questioned her on what her plans were after they get back to Hakuoh Academy. Chiaki bluntly declared that she was going back to her home, which greatly disappointed the Yacht Club, though they decided to send her off with smiles in the end.

Nebula Cup Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

This story arc is only present in the anime.
Chiaki-Grunhilde ~ Victory

Chiaki is hailed as the victor of the Nebula Cup.

Chiaki was helping out the team from the Sea of the Forest Star for the 19th Nebula Cup dinghy-racing competition. Before the race, she met the rest of the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club who had also come to compete, unaware of the animosity towards Hakuoh due to the events of the 13th Nebula Cup. Chiaki defused a confrontation between them and some of the other competitors, before she made them a little more aware of the situation.

During the race, when the Bisque Company opened fire on the racers, Marika decided to entrust the safety of the other competitors to Chiaki. Chiaki told her not to get shot down before leading the others away, and later went on to win the race.[16]

Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

This story arc is only present in the anime.

Chiaki ~ Embarrassed 03

Chiaki is welcomed by Marika and friends.

Following the recent report on pirate hunters, Chiaki arrived at Hakuoh Academy once more to consult with Marika directly regarding the matter. Within the Yacht Club's clubroom, Chiaki revealed that her return to Hakuoh Academy was merely because she needed to talk with Marika as the representative of the Barbaroosa. She and Marika then engaged in a discussion about the ensuing pirate attacks in space and said that her father wished for an alliance among the pirates that bore the Letter of Marque. To do that, however, Chiaki added that Marika's assistance was necessary since the Bentenmaru had been the only ship to recover from the pirate hunters' attack.

When Marika agreed to help, Gruier came in and served Chiaki and Marika some tea. Chiaki lightly scolded Marika for having a princess serve her tea, but Gruier insisted that she didn't mind. Chiaki and Marika then resumed their discussion along with Gruier and eventually came upon the assumption that the pirate hunters, which were actually just a singular warship named the Grand Cross, were somehow affiliated with the Galactic Empire. Chiaki decided to reject the notion since she believed that the Galactic Empire had never taken major countermeasures against the pirates, but still could not come up with a different conclusion in the end.

Chiaki-Marika-Gruier ~ Parfait

Consecutive orders of chocolate parfait.

The girls later continued their conversation over some chocolate parfaits at the Lamp House. While thinking of investigating the Grand Cross further, Marika asked Chiaki if anything was overlooked. Chiaki replied that their next move would have to be to seek out the legendary chef, the person apparently responsible for the aggregation of the pirates that participated in the past war for independence. Back at the Kato house, Chiaki divulged more information about the legendary chef while she shared celebratory drinks — regarding her return to Hakuoh Academy — with Marika and Gruier. The night ended with the arrival of both Mami and Grunhilde, who also partook in the small celebration for Chiaki.

Chiaki and Marika headed to the airport's underground restaurant the next day. Chiaki instantly became surprised when Marika suddenly introduced the restaurant's owner as the legendary chef, but Marika's assumption was gently rejected when "Oyaji-san" admitted that he was simply the son of the legendary chef. After asking Marika some questions, "Oyaji-san" activated the device that was used to summon any and all pirates. Chiaki and Marika eventually returned to the Bentenmaru and embarked for the pirate's nest.

En route, Chiaki, Marika, and the Bentenmaru unfortunately happened upon the Grand Cross, and the imminent one-sided battle culminated in the Bentenmaru's utter defeat. Luckily, Marika managed to escape the Grand Cross before it dealt the final blow against the Bentenmaru, a fact which greatly impressed Chiaki. Upon reaching neutral space near the pirate's nest, the Bentenmaru was contacted by the Barbaroosa, where Kenjo decided to embarrass his daughter by referring to Marika as Chiaki's favorite captain.

Chiaki ~ Deliberation

The three discuss the recent pirate attacks.

Within the pirate's nest, Chiaki and Kenjo invited Marika to a small dining room to assess their pirate-assembling situation. However, they were unexpectedly interrupted by a crewmate who said that several pirate ships had been devastated by the pirate hunter, thus putting them in a position where they needed to be prepared in the near future. Afterwards, Chiaki and Marika walked along the halls inside the pirate's nest when Chiaki expressed her worries concerning Marika's plan to deal with the pirate hunter. The two then parted ways after Marika gave her thanks to Chiaki.

At another small meeting, Chiaki questioned the purpose of the Grand Cross's captain who previously infiltrated the conference hall of the pirate's nest. The meeting was once again cut short, however, when a Barbaroosa crewmate reported that a woman had appeared in the conference hall. When Chiaki and company arrived, they found the hall littered with pirates all pointing firearms at a woman. The woman was Quartz Christie, a pirate of the Galactic Empire and captain of the Grand Cross who announced that her purpose was to hunt pirates. Because of her threat, Marika challenged her to a battle, which immensely surprised Chiaki.

Later, Chiaki and Marika were assigned to sing and record the pirate's song for the entire pirate alliance to hear, an act that caused Chiaki no end of embarrassment. As she screamed in distress, the battle for the future of the pirates commenced.

Before the final engagement between the pirates and the Grand Cross developed, Chiaki gave Marika a few words of encouragement, which was then immediately followed by the appearance of three Grand Cross battleships.

Chiaki ~ Decision

Chiaki is faced with an ultimatum.

Fighting the pirate alliance proved to be an extremely difficult undertaking for Quartz and her Grand Crosses. Her battleships fell one by one, and Marika led a final boarding attack on the remaining Grand Cross. As the pirate alliance awaited her victory, Chiaki was asked by her father what she was going to do once the battle had ended: stay with the Barbaroosa or join Marika. Following the battle with the Grand Cross, Chiaki returned to the Sea of the Morning Star to attend Hakuoh Academy during her last year of high school.

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

During the spring break, around the same time as the Bentenmaru was preparing to carry out a raid on the Begin The Beguine, the Barbaroosa was experiencing trouble due to heavy turbulence in space. Onboard, Chiaki saw what appeared to be a vortex which was pulling them in. In order to escape, Kenjo ordered the arms pack jettisoned, intending to use explosive force to break free. Chiaki jettisoned then detonated the arms pack as the crew prepared to make an FTL jump [17][18].

Abyss of Hyperspace - Wrecked House

Arriving at the ruined house.

After the damaged Barbaroosa made it to safety, the crew discovered that the subspace disturbance was engineered and learned who was responsible. In order to alert Marika to this enemy without the message, Chiaki personally travelled to the Sea of the Morning Star. After ringing Marika's home at the airport without success, Chiaki journeyed there and was shocked to find the house in ruins [19]. Speaking with Ririka, who had fended off an attack the night before, Chiaki learned that Marika had not returned the previous night and was likely over at Gruier's [17].

On her way over the Hakuoh Academy, Chiaki's taxi was stopped by an 'accident' in the road. In order to get to Marika quickly, Chiaki decided to walk across the countryside. However when she arrived at Hakuoh, she found that Marika was at Lamp House. Throughout this long walk, she was impeded by further incidents, concluding with her slipping over on some rubbish and being caught in a stampede of kids running after a restaurant mascot. She eventually arrived at Lamp House, tired, cross and disheveled [17].

On arrival, Marika and Mami greeted Chiaki as 'Chiaki-chan' as usual, prompting her to make her usual retort and get even more irritated as they finished it for her. Chiaki was quite annoyed at how carefree Marika was, even more so on learning that Marika had dropped in at Lamp House to pick up a new captain's uniform from Mami. She was even more dismayed to learn that Marika already knew how they were up against, the Yggdrasil Group, defeating the point of her coming there. When Marika mentioned how happy she was that Chiaki was worried about her, Chiaki denied it and claimed to be coming on her father's behalf, mentioning the Barbaroosa's situation. She then observed a brief confrontation between Marika and Scarlett Cypher [17].

After Marika and Kanata left in search of Professor Mugen's legacy, Chiaki arrived at the yacht club's clubroom just as they had discovered a bug on Odette-kun, the yacht club's mascot costume. She informed them that a similar bug had been found at Lamp House. Though they wished to contact Marika and let her know what had happened, Chiaki discouraged it since the information would be intercepted by Yggdrasil and put Marika at a disadvantage. She tried to tell them that there was nothing more they could do to help, but seeing their desire to help she relented, remembering how the yacht club had acted as pirates alongside Marika in the past [17].

Abyss of Hyperspace - Captain Chiaki

Captain Chiaki

Chiaki was in command of the Odette II, in her own captain's uniform, when it arrived at Hrbek Oda with the Barbaroosa acting as an FTL booster, as the Bentenmaru was fighting with Yggdrasil's fleet. She directed the yacht club in conducting an electronic attack against the enemy. Telling her father that they'd focus on electronic warfare while he handled their course, she was told by Kenjo that as the Barbaroosa was acting as booster she was captain of the combined ships, a role she gladly accepted. She then contacted Marika, telling her that they'd hold off the fleet while she went after Kanata, and getting slightly annoyed when the others jumped in on their communication. After the battle ended, she had the yacht club inform the Bentenmaru when they found the Advaseele in the depths of subspace [17].

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

This story arc is currently only present in the light novels. Potential spoilers ahead.

Wanted Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

This story arc is currently only present in the light novels. Potential spoilers ahead.

Just before the incident with Maria Forte 85, Chiaki contacted Marika to inform her of the Karyoubinga's disappearance. She and her father later met with Marika on Serenity while the Bentenmaru crew were being sheltered there while they were wanted after being framed by Rakion. Kenjo was late to their meeting and was kicked by Chiaki as a result [20].

Fever Mouretsu Pirates (Game-Only)Edit

Chiaki makes various appearances in Fever Mouretsu Pirates, both in and out of missions. She is also a secret opponent in the Galaxy Episode mode, commanding the Barbaroosa. She is fought after the final boss (the past Bentenmaru and Blaster Ririka) and in subsequent Galaxy Episodes afterwards until the player loses or ends their game [21].


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