Christie Sherwood (クリスティ・シャーウッド, Kurisuti Shāuddo) was a commander in the Tau Stellar Navy at the time of the War of Independence, and division chief for its Pirate Division.


Christie had long light-coloured hair, tied at the back and with two tufts on the top of her head, resembling cat ears.

Her skin apparently showed little signs of aging and seemed almost as young as the university student recruit Miki Endo, when actually even Miki's mother should be younger than her [1].


Aside from joining the navy at some point and serving as a commander for the Pirate Division, not much is known about Christie's background. It was said that the wordings of the Letter of Marque were drafted and written by her [1].


Timeslip Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

The exact extent of Christie's abilities is unknown but it is presumed that she had the skills required for one to operate as a commander in the Stellar Navy. During the war, she was one of the monsters with humongous brain power that operated the Colony Federation's united fleet - her clear thought and supreme negotiation power was what made it possible [2].


  • Christie's surname, Sherwood, is the name of a forest in Nottinghamshire, England, famous for its association with the legend of Robin Hood. Her first name is a surname of Scottish origin, also used as a given name, originally meaning "son of Christian/Christopher".


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