A Clone (クローン, Kurōn) is a living being which is genetically identical to the one it was created from. The process of creating a clone is called cloning.


Golden Ghost Ship - Rose Spring

The artificial womb on the Golden Ghost Ship, not used for cloning specifically but similar in purpose.

In order to create a clone, a genetic sample is required from the living being that is to be cloned. The genetic sample is used to produce viable cells, which are cultivated and grown into a clone in a suitable and usually controlled environment, such as an artificial womb.

Living beings can be created in a similar way with differing or artificially constructed genetic patterns [1], however these are not classed as clones as they are not genetically identical to an original source organism. The members of the Serenity Royal Family were born in this way from the artificial womb on the Golden Ghost Ship.

The Galactic Empire clones its intelligence officers (with memory back-ups implemented) as the job has a low survival rate and they need high performance officers [2].

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