The Corback-class (コーバック級, Kōbakku-kyū) is an escort ship class. These ships are mass-produced and are present in many faction's fleets include the Serenity Defence Force, Hugh and Dolittle's private fleet and the Stellar Military.



The Corback has a thin blade-like hull with an inward curve at the top near the bow. At the stern, there are two fin-like engines one above the other. On the side of the ship near the stern are several gun turrets. A mast with a radar emitter is present under the middle, lower hull [1]. The Corback is slightly larger than the Bentenmaru [2].

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Corback's primary weapons are two rotating twin gun turrets located on either side of the stern [3]. It also has a certain degree of sensory and electronic warfare capacity [3].


The exact history of the Corback's service is mostly unknown, but ships of this class have been mass-produced and widely exported, operating in many different fleets by the time the series takes place.

Examples of fleets with CorbacksEdit


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