A Crew (クルー, Kurū) is a group of people who operate and fly a spaceship.


While some ships, usually small or with a high degree of automation, can be flown without a crew, most large ships require a crew to be operated. Crewmembers carry out different roles on a ship, depending on their skills, experience and the roles required on the ship. While crewmembers usually carry out a specific role, others may be capable of substituting for them if they are unable to fulfill it [1].


A Captain (船長, Senchō, alternatively 艦長, Kanchō) is the commander of a ship and its crew. The captain oversees the actions of the ship's crew and coordinates them in carrying out the ship's operations. They hold authority over crew and passengers, and are responsible for the safety of their ship [2] and everyone onboard it.



A Helmsman (操舵手, Sōda-te) is in charge of the ship's helm and is responsible for flying the ship.



A ship's doctor is a member of the crew who is in charge of looking after the health of a ship's crew and passengers.


Tactical OfficerEdit

A Tactical Officer (戦闘指揮担当, Sentō Shiki Tantō, lit. In charge of battle command) is a member of the crew who is in charge of a ship's tactical systems (i.e. weaponry). They are also usually in charge of a ship's combat personnel [2].



An Engineer (機関担当, Kikan Tantō, lit. In charge of engines) is a member of the crew who is responsible for maintaining a ship's engines and other mechanical systems.



A Navigator (航法士, Kōhō-shi) is responsible for a ship's course and navigation.


Other PositionsEdit

  • Communications Officer (通信担当, Tsūshin Tantō): A member of the crew in charge of managing the ship's communications. This role is often also carried out by a ship's Electronic Warfare specialist.
  • Electronic Warfare Specialist (電子戦担当, Denshi-sen Tantō): A member of the crew specialized in Electronic Warfare, responsible for keeping a ship safe from electronic attack while carrying out similar attacks on enemy vessels (e.g. Coorie (Bentenmaru))
  • Radar/Sensor Officer (レーダー・センサー系担当, Rēdā Sensā-kei Tantō): A member of the crew responsible for a ship's radar and sensor systems (e.g. Hyakume (Bentenmaru), Borgs (Barbaroosa)).

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