The Dark Star is a pirate ship, captained by Nine. It is closely associated with the pirate ships Low of War and Love Machine. It participated in the battle between the frontier pirates and the Grand Cross.



The Dark Star has a cone and cylinder shape common to many rockets, with four fins (diagonal from the front) at the rear. The bridge is located just behind the nose cone. Behind the bridge on the side of the ship are two docking bays. On the edge of each of the four fins is an additional engine with a cone at the front.

Colour SchemeEdit

The Dark Star is painted in black and yellow bands. The engine cones are teal coloured.

Low of War, Dark Star, Love Machine - Emblem

The Dark Star's pirate emblem

The Dark Star's pirate emblem, which it shares with Low of War and Love Machine, is a set of three skulls at 120 degrees to one another with a bone in between each one. The top skull is in front of the others.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Dark Star's exact technological and combat capacity is unknown.


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime Only)Edit

When the call summoning the frontier pirates was sent out in response to the attacks by the Grand Cross, the Dark Star was one of the ships that heeded the summon and headed for the Pirate's Nest, together with the Low of War and Love Machine [1]. After the Pirate's Council had been held, the Dark Star departed with the rest of the pirate fleet to confront the Grand Cross [2].

During the battle, the three ships moved together to intercept one of the Grand Crosses as it went to assist another, which had been caught in a chaff field and was under heavy bombardment [3].



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