The Derrflinger-class (デアフリンゲ級, Deafuringe-kyū) is a mobile cruiser class produced by Roubaix Mass [1].

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit


The Derrflinger-class was a new anti-ship specialist battlecruiser class around the time of the series, having been brought into service fairly recently. Its powerful specs come with a high price, and only the Galactic Empire and rich governments can afford them, but the current smallest order lot is 4 ships. There are only 43 active ships of the class, 44 if the test ship used by the manufacturer, number 0, is included. 24 of them are enlisted in the Galactic Empire Fleet, 8 in each of the 2nd-4th Fleets, 83 of them are being built during the events of the Wanted Arc [1].

Wanted Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Three of Rakion's Derrflinger-class ships attacked the transport ship Maria Forte 85 and exchanged fire with the Bentenmaru, which was eventually forced retreat [1].

Examples of fleets with DerrflingersEdit


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