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This is a list of various emblems which appear in the Mouretsu Pirates/Miniskirt Pirates series and what they are associated with.


Frontier Pirates
Bentenmaru - Emblem 150px Barbaroosa - Emblem Silver Fox - Emblem


Barbaroosa Silver Fox
150px Viracocha - Emblem El Santo - Emblem Shangri-La - Emblem

Big Catch

Viracocha El Santo Shangri-La
150px Low of War, Dark Star, Love Machine - Emblem Low of War, Dark Star, Love Machine - Emblem Low of War, Dark Star, Love Machine - Emblem
Southern Island Low of War Dark Star Love Machine
Hakugin Go - Emblem Murakamimaru - Emblem Back Slash - Emblem
Hakugin Go Murakamimaru Back Slash
Imperial Pirates
Parabellum - Emblem



Serenity - Emblem


Hugh and Dolittle - Emblem Fairy Jane - Black Text Logo Yggdrasil Group - Logo
Hugh and Dolittle Interstellar Transportation Fairy Jane Yggdrasil Group Blue Inc
Hakuoh Academy - Emblem Yacht Club - Emblem Dinghy Racing League - Emblem

Hakuoh Academy

Hakuoh Academy Space Yacht Club Nebula Cup Planning Committee

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