The Eradication War (掃討戦争, Sōtō Sensō) was a war fought by the Galactic Empire to eliminate all pirates within their territory.


At some point in the past, the Galactic Empire launched a campaign to wipe out all space pirates within their territory. The campaign and resulting war lasted for a hundred years and became known as the Eradication War [1].

During the war, the unorganised pirates, turned to the information network up until then jokingly called the Pirate Guild, which became their commanding headquarters and was strengthened to much more than a joke [2].

Although the Galactic Empire launched the campaign then in order to eliminate pirates from its territory, in the present time, they permit the operation of frontier pirates with Letters of Marque [3] and also have some of their own [4][5]. They have also attempted to establish a point of contact with the Pirate Guild's Skull Star [2].


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