Fei (フェイ, Fei) is a chef who cooks at the Pirate's Nest. He is the son of the Legendary Chef who cooked for the first Pirate's Council and has four brothers. He is Oyaji-san's elder brother.


Fei has grey hair with a beard and eyebrows that point up at the outer edges. He wears a red chinese coat with yellow outlines and a tall hat in the same colours.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Fei values food as a treasure, and reminds people not to waste it.


At some point in the past, Fei acquired his father's position as head chef of the Pirate's Nest.


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime Only)Edit

Fei came in when Marika Kato and Kenjo Kurihara had finished talking at his joint, asking if they were ready for the food. He told Marika how his brother had talked about her, introducing himself and mentioning his siblings, also chefs [1].

While he was busy frying, he was informed that the Parabellum was docking at the Pirate's Nest. When Quartz appeared in the conference room, Fei told the pirates assembled there to be seated and put their guns away, reminding them of the no-killing rule. He then explained that the gold skull on Quartz's shoulder was the sign she was an imperial pirate. When Ironbeard appeared to retrieve Quartz, he greeted Fei who asked if he wanted to eat before leaving.

Later, Fei and his men served a feast for the pirates, with Fei delivering a speech on how this was pirate's heaven where they could talk and yell at one another, but loudly reminded them not to waste any of the food as in deep space food was a treasure. As he was preparing the desert, he was informed that the Parabellum was leaving. At the after-party, he served the desert to the captains and spoke about it was the greatest dessert of his father, however to his chagrin, the captains were too busy eating to listen [2].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As a son of the Legendary Chef, Fei has superb culinary skills.





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