The Flawen (フラウウェン, Furauu~en)[1] is a class of subspace submersible which is used by military forces working for the Yggdrasil Group [2].



The Flawen has a set of collapsible wings and a vertically orientated folding hull beneath it. The front of the ship's hull can open up to release a payload of drones/explosives stored in a compartment within it. The cockpit is located in the upper part of the hull, in front of the middle of the wings [2].


Scarlett Cypher - Flawen Diver

Scarlett Cypher at a Flawen's controls

The cockpit has a single pilot's seat with controls in an arc in front of it. The pilot's seat has inflatable restraints which trigger together with the emergency surfacing system [2].

Colour SchemeEdit

The Flawens used by Yggdrasil are coloured purple with glowing blue patterns, orange edges and blue engine emissions. They produce purple light emissions when diving into subspace [2].

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

As a subspace submersible, the Flawen is designed to dive into regions of subspace which cannot safely be traversed by other vessels [2]. It is capable of shifting forms and contains a number of drones, which in turn contain explosives that are meant to cause disturbances in subspace on detonation [2].

If the Flawen dives deeper than its intended limit, an automatic emergency system will force the craft to surface [2].


Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

Around the time of the spring break before Marika's third year at Hakuoh Academy, the Yggdrasil Group had been making use of the Flawen to secretly set off explosions in the deeper regions of subspace, causing rival shipping craft to have accidents while travelling FTL, allowing Yggdrasil's transport companies to profit and expand [2].

When the Bentenmaru jumped in order to escape from the Hughroque and its escorts, a squad of Flawens set off explosions to create turbulence in order to thwart their escape, however the Bentenmaru managed to evade them by diving to another route [2].

Later, when the Advaseele dived into subspace following the confrontation of Professor Mugen's ship, a trio of Flawens were deployed by the Hughroque, with the lead ship piloted by Scarlett Cypher, and dived after it. However their attack on the Advaseele was thwarted by the Bentenmaru which forcibly dived after them and fired on them. Scarlett managed to escape and attempted to follow the Advaseele deeper into subspace, but her Flawen was forced to surface after reaching its depth limit [2].


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