Galaxy Pass

Kanata Mugen's Galaxy Pass

A Galaxy Pass (銀河パス, Ginga Pasu) is a special VIP pass which allows the holder unlimited access across the many stellar routes in the galaxy [1].



Kanata's Galaxy Pass is primarily coloured dark blue, lighter towards the right side in a gradient. There is a white 'L' shape towards the lower-left corner and three gold stripes from it to the lower-right corner and a slight white shape on the right side (with a slight notch), together forming a slanted U-shape. Galaxy Pass is written on the centre of the pass in Japanese and in white, with 'Ultimate' written in English immediately below it in thin gold text. There is a logo below it with a circle and two curves either side of it in the shape of a spiral galaxy, with three dots to the left, right and below it with two curved lines nearly linking them [1].


The Galaxy Pass is a VIP pass which allows the holder free and unlimited access to and use of the various stellar routes across the galaxy. It can be used to board ships immediately, without any prior reservation or delay [1].


Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

Kanata Mugen was left a Galaxy Pass by his father, Professor Mugen, together with Flint. He made use of it to board the Begin The Beguine while attempting to escape from his pursuers [1][2].