Garnet A (ガーネットA, Gānetto A) is a red giant star about 30 light years from the Tau system, and is located in the Constellation Antares [1].


Garnet A is a star which is nearing the end of its life and has engulfed several planets as it expanded. The system used to be a habitable zone, but now only unmanned observation stations are present in the area [2].


During the last days of the War of Independence, the Stellar Alliance developed the Stellar Slayer, using Garnet A as a power source for the test weapon. However, with their enemies closing in, they decided to use the weapon in a different way. They intended to use it to make Garnet A explode in a supernova, devastating everything within 50 light years. The Colony Federation's navy and privateers moved to stop them and a battle ensued over Garnet A. During the battle, one of the Original Seven, the Kokuchou, was lost [3], it was later known that Kokuchou survived and performed a hyperspace jump when falling into Garnet A, and fooled both factions into believing it was destroyed [4].

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Many years later, a supposed distress signal from the Kokuchou would bring the Bentenmaru , Barbaroosa and Odette II to the system [5], and a conflict would occur due to a group that wanted to acquire the Stellar Slayer for their own ends [4].

War of Independence Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Marika and the yacht club brought the Odette II to the Garnet A system again, while following a trail from a time capsule in search of the missing Bentenmaru, eventually leading to another space-time anomaly [1].


  • Garnet is a type of gemstone.


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