Genesis Kid (ジェネシス・キッド, Jeneshisu Kiddo) is the captain of the Hakugin Go [1], who appeared during the Pirate's Council held at the Pirate's Nest.


The captain of the Hakugin Go has a slightly gaunt face, parted dark grey hair [1] (dark red in his initial depiction [2]), slightly pointed ears and sharp canines, reminiscent of that of a vampire [1]. He wears a white shirt with a black waistcoat and a cape with a high collar and the ship's emblem at the front.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Little is known about Genesis Kid's personality.


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

When Quartz Christie appeared in the conference room, Genesis Kid was among the captains who gathered there, baring a toothy grin, and witnessed Marika's challenge to Quartz. He was also present with the rest of the pirate captains for the council and the accompanying feast, as well as the after-party. Later, he listened to the challenge broadcast from the captain's seat of his ship, holding a glass of wine [1].


  • Hakugin Go

    Genesis Kid in Sailing 24

    Genesis Kid briefly appears in an image in Sailing 24, though his appearance differs from when he appears at the Pirate's Nest.
  • Though he was unnamed during the anime, Genesis Kid's name was revealed in the Akiman Design Works.


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