The Glassius-class (グラシウス級, Gurashiusu-kyū) is a battle cruiser class [1].


Not much information is available about the Glassius-class's design, though it's structure is apparently easy to modify [1].

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Glassius-class is more of a battle-carrier than a direct combat ship, carrying combat spacecraft to combat. In terms of capabilities, it was seen as a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, which may have resulted in its short commission period in the Imperial Fleets (core and frontier), though its structure could easily be modified [1].

The Glassius-class ship Curiosity possessed active stealth and optical camouflage systems which performed so well that even people with technology 120 years in advance could not easily catch it on radar. Whether or not these systems were present on other Glassius-class ships is unknown [1].


The Glassius-class is a relatively old battlecruiser class, having being commissioned over 150 years ago. It was used in the Imperial Fleet at some point in the past, though it was retired from the fleet about 30 years before the start of the War of Independence. It was however still being used around this time by some other stellar forces, security companies, invasion companies and other organizations, partly due to its structure being easy to modify. At some point, Space University acquired the Glassius-class Curiosity for use as a research ship [1].

War of Independence Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

The Curiosity was carrying out research in the frontier regions in the week just before the end of the war. There, it encountered the present-day Bentenmaru and Odette II which had slipped back in time due to a space-time anomaly [1].

Examples of factions with Glassius-class shipsEdit

Known individual shipsEdit


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