The Glorious Coolph (グロリアス・クールフ号, Guroriasu Kūrufu-gō) is a private ship owned by Junigh Coolph.



The full exterior of the Glorious Coolph isn't shown, but it's design seems to be similar to that of a luxury liner with an orange hull [1].


The ship has a large meeting hall and decorated corridors [1].


Junigh Coolph hosted a number of private parties on the ship, the nature of which was kept secret [1].

Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

Bentenmaru - Docking with Glorious Coolph

The Bentenmaru docks with the Glorious Coolph

While looking for something which could be used to cancel Jenny Dolittle's arranged marriage with Junigh, Marika Kato and the rest of the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club boarded the Glorious Coolph, hoping to find what they needed there. What they found differs between versions.

In the novels, they found an orgy with the guests making use of various illegal drugs and not in a state to notice them [2].

In the anime, they found Junigh heading a revolutionary rally, which was quickly broken up by an angry Chiaki. Robert Dolittle and his men arrived in pursuit of Jenny, but Marika forced him to back down by revealing his illegal dealings [1].


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