The Golden Ghost Ship Arc (黄金の幽霊船編, Ougon no Yūreisen-hen) is the second story arc in the Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series. After a pirate raid, the Bentenmaru crew find they have a stowaway - Princess Gruier Serenity, who requests their help in searching for the Golden Ghost Ship.


Major EventsEdit

  • During a pirate raid, Princess Gruier Serenity stows away aboard the Bentenmaru and requests their help in finding the Golden Ghost Ship.
  • The Bentenmaru searches for the Golden Ghost Ship, facing Serenity ships along the way.
  • Following an encounter and clash aboard the Golden Ghost Ship, Marika is able to bring the conflict between the two parties from Serenity to a peaceful conclusion and returns the legendary ship to Serenity.

Differences in AdaptationEdit


  • Gruier reveals the ID ring that she used to board the Bentenmaru at the end of the arc [1] rather than during her initial meeting with the crew [2].


  • Chiaki Kurihara accompanies the Bentenmaru crew during the search for the Golden Ghost Ship [3][4].
  • The Barbaroosa aids the Bentenmaru when it is involved in a skirmish with Serenity ships [3].
  • Jackie Fahrenheit is with the Serenity ships and is part of the boarding party that ventured into the Golden Ghost Ship [3][4].


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