Like the rest of the royal family, Gruier was born from the artificial womb aboard the Golden Ghost Ship some 13 years before the events of the series. At some point in the past, she met Gonzaemon Kato, the then-captain of the Bentenmaru. He entrusted her with his ID ring which allows the user full access to the Bentenmaru's systems.

During the period of unrest on Serenity, Gruier found herself on the reformist side, which brought her into conflict with her younger sister, Grunhilde. The grand duke entrusted her with finding the ghost ship and destroying the bio-plant aboard, which they believed would assist them. To do so, Gruier sought the help of the Bentenmaru, using the ring Gonzaemon had given her.


Golden Ghost Ship ArcEdit

During the Bentenmaru's raid on the Symphony Angel, Gruier used the ID ring to override the Bentenmaru's security systems and sneak aboard while it was docked with the cruise liner. She then holed herself up in the docking control. When the crew discovered they had a stowaway and contacted her, she demanded to speak to the captain [1]

When Marika first contacted her, Gruier didn't believe she was the captain, said that the captain was a man and asked for Captain Kato. On hearing that Gonzaemon had passed away, Gruier was upset and thought it was a lie. After being sent the proof via monitor, she apologised for accusing them of lying and introduced herself. When Marika resumed their conversation, both said the other could call them by their given name. At Marika's request, she removed the cloth she had put over the camera so that they would be able to see each other.

Gruier - Sparkling

Gruier greets the crew.

Subsequently apologising for stowing away, Gruier was eventually granted permission to board the ship. Marika then told her that she'd send a crewmember to guide her round the ship. After being introduced to the bridge crew, Gruier told them her intent — to help her find the Golden Ghost Ship. She was shocked when she learned of a report that said she had gone missing and that foul play was likely involved, as she was on the ship of her own free will. She was relieved when Marika accepted her request. Shortly afterwards, she transferred into Hakuoh Academy.

As she didn't think that she had brought enough information, she sent a request to the royal palace for the data via a secret method. Several days later, the Bentenmaru received an urgent job from the escort fleet's HQ to meet an unknown ship entering the Tau Ceti system. Gruier wished to come and despite Kane's efforts to shake her off, managed to sneak into Misa's car as they were leaving. She and Marika were left a little dazed by Misa's driving.

Once aboard the ship, Gruier explained the situation to the crew whilst Marika was changing into her captain's outfit. After explaining to Marika and apologising for being ill-prepared, she mentioned how the captain's uniform was very nice and that she'd like to wear it. She smiled while conversing with the crew, however Misa noticed she looked worried as the crew resumed their stations. As the ship neared its destination and went to battle stations, Misa asked her if she was worried about the ship. Gruier replied that she believed in Serenity and Misa told her to believe in Marika as well. When a damaged Corback touched down, engaged in combat, Gruier wondered what it was fighting against and moments later was surprised to learn that it was against several other Serenity ships [2].

Gruier - Marika's Uniform

Gruier as acting captain of the Bentenmaru.

In order to avoid a firefight, Marika asked Gruier to act as the captain in her place and address the Serenity ships, to which Gruier agreed. Once contact was established, Gruier ordered the pursuing ships to stand down, stating that failure to comply would be treated as treason. After the Bentenmaru received two messages, on hearing the message from Grand Chamberlain Yotof, Gruier asked if they could open a channel so she could speak to him, however Misa advised against it due to the circumstances. Gruier went with the crew's decision as she wasn't particularly accomplished at foreign relations.

While the crew continued with their work, Marika apologised for not being very captain-like and rather casual, before asking if she knew what she meant, to which Gruier replied that she did - the previous captain taught her. Gruier stated that it was an honour to have known two generations of pirate captains, and asked her to continue that way.

Gruier - Serenity Data

Gruier entrusts Marika with classified data.

Once the ships had docked, Gruier went to the airlock to meet with Yotof. As two people from the other ship made their way towards the Bentenmaru, Gruier identified them to Marika as Yotof and Catherine, before wondering if they had stolen the ship. After the door was opened, Yotof and Catherine knelt before Gruier who was pleased to see them. Yotof told her that 'nothing had happened at the palace', which Gruier understood and thanked them before receving the parcel. Afterwards, Gruier took out the special royal container and opened it. She gave the data chip inside, containing the royal family's data on the Golden Ghost Ship, to Marika.

Gruier later came into the yacht club's room and introduced herself with a curtsey to Chiaki, who did the same. When the rest of the yacht club came in, she reintroduced herself to Jenny, remembering their previous meeting and mentioning how her family's company had been good to her nation. When asked what brought her there, she said that she had learnt that one of the yacht club members was a master of faking attendance. When Marika asked where she learnt that, she replied that she learnt it at Lamp House. Marika and Chiaki both quickly realised it was Mami who told her.

When Jenny asked her why she wanted to fake her attendance, Gruier mentioned that in the near future she would need to leave school for a short or extended period and during that period, she wanted people to believe she was still at Hakuoh Academy. Understanding the situation, Jenny decided to arrange a practice cruise over the post-exam period and made Gruier a yacht club member, giving her a cover. Gruier thanked her and also thanked her for calling her "Gruier". After greeting several of the yacht club's members, they picked her up and carried her to the simulators.

Gruier was present when the Bentenmaru crew gathered at Oyaji-san's place to discuss the data on the Golden Ghost Ship. After the discussion, Marika told Gruier that even if they set out, they might not find the ghost ship and asked if that was all right. Gruier replied that she believed in Marika and the Golden Ghost Ship. When the time came, she departed with the Bentenmaru to begin the search [3].

Some time into the journey, Gruier was present on the bridge as the ship moved through unstable space and the crew launched recon probes out into the storm. Worried after Coorie mentioned that they wouldn't be recovering the probes, she said to the crew that the royal family would compensate for their expenses. Shortly afterwards, she and Marika were dismissed from the bridge, having reached the eight hour work limit set for Hakuoh students.

Gruier - Distraught

Gruier fears for the crew.

The two then had some dinner in the cafeteria, where Gruier mentioned that she was bothered about how everyone was busy searching for the ghost ship while she was just sitting and relaxing instead of doing something. After Marika compared it to how the adults were protecting her when she was supposed to be the captain and then apologised for comparing herself to her, Gruier replied that she was happy for someone to say they were like her. However, that night, Gruier lied awake and worried in bed even after her talk with Marika.

The next day, Gruier came onto the bridge as Marika and Coorie were talking about an observational network left over by previous search terms from Serenity. She asked about the royal authorisation code required to access them and was surprised to learn that Coorie had cracked it. She replied when Coorie asked about her age, then realised something afterwards as Coorie mentioned how her name and genetic pattern worked when entered into the network even though the last search team was before she was born, speculating that the royal family was probably special. When asked whether she was born that way, she said she believed so and that it was why the royal family was able to maintain Serenity's independence.

Gruier was worried to learn that there were signs that there were several battleship-class ships in the area. She was even more worried when radar signals were detected and a confrontation between the Bentenmaru and the enemy ships drew closer. When the ships were close enough to be identified, Gruier was alarmed to learn that they were Serenity vessels.

After the Bentenmaru escaped after exchanging fire with a pair of Corbacks, a distressed Gruier asked if it was too late to contact the Serenity ships, believing that there was a misunderstanding. However Marika calmed her down, explained how it wouldn't be a good course of action and why they should keep it reserved. Hearing her words, Gruier understood and thanked her, saying she was glad she came to this ship [4].

Later on the bridge, Gruier was worried about the ships deployed by Serenity (including the flagship Queen Serendipity) and Marika thinking aloud about how winning would be difficult. At Marika's request, Misa took an uneasy Gruier to show her how to put on a spacesuit.

Gruier - Ready for Space

Gruier prepares to go outside.

While changing into a spacesuit, Gruier heard Marika's announcement that the Bentenmaru was about to perform an FTL jump and was concerned when she mentioned that they might be involved in a firefight with a battleship on touchdown. She asked Misa whether she should return to the bridge, but Misa told her that there wouldn't be anything she could do even if she went back now that Marika had decided on her course and reminded her that her first job was to learn how to wear a spacesuit.

After the space-time quake was over, Gruier returned to the bridge and got her first view of the Golden Ghost Ship. Once the communication systems were restored, the crew found they had a message from the Queen Serendipity. 

Gruier Grunhilde - Sibling Clash

The Serenity sisters confront each other.

Gruier was uneasy when she learned it was from her sister, Grunhilde, but answered it from the captain's seat. Ignoring her sister's request for her to leave at once, she asked about the military uniform she was wearing and stated that her sister was being manipulated. When Grunhilde said she didn't want to hear something like that from someone who had lowered themselves to the level of a pirate, she angrily told Grunhilde that she would not allow her to insult the ship or its crew. After looking to Marika for reassurance, Gruier told Grunhilde that if she wanted to stop her to meet her inside the ghost ship.

The ghost ship then suddenly performed a high-energy radar scan, and Gruier watched as the ship lit up. When the Bentenmaru received a communication from the ghost ship, named the Queen Serendipity, Gruier told the crew that it was a traditional name for Serenity ships before submitting the identification code. After the Bentenmaru successfully docked with the ghost ship ahead of the Serenity ships, Gruier thanked Marika before declaring that she had something to do inside the ghost ship and asking the crew if they could wait somewhere. As a space-time quake indicated that the ghost ship was returning to subspace, Marika told Gruier that she would be coming with her as it was the captain's responsibility to protect crew and passengers, and that she couldn't let Gruier go out alone [5].

Gruier - Helping Oneself

Gruier accepts Marika's support.

Later, as the crew were preparing to venture in the ghost ship, Gruier was having trouble getting used to the zero-gravity conditions. She nearly slipped and drifted out, but Marika pulled her back in and gave some advice to help her. When Marika offered her hand to her, Gruier told her not to do so as she'd end up relying on her. Marika told her that she should rely on others to help her with what she couldn't do alone, and that no one would help someone who doesn't try to help themselves. Gruier took Marika's hand and the two ventured out of the ship.

Arriving at the entrance leading into the ghost ship, Gruier was briefly surprised to see Schnitzer standing outside without a spacesuit. Once the door was opened and she'd learned how to use the thrusters, Gruier and the others ventured into the ghost ship. When they heard from Coorie that another ship had docked, Gruier urged the others to hurry. When they reached an area where they could remove their helmets, Marika asked Gruier about their destination. Gruier asked if they weren't heading for the bridge or the engines, but learned that the others intended for the Serenity group to deal with that, which Gruier thought was a little irresponsible but she agreed with Marika that they should head for the treasure.

As they entered the colony section, Gruier asked Marika if there was anything in the universe truly irreplaceable, what she thought it would be, with Marika suggesting things like art or culture. When the group reaching a door with a mechanical display, after listening to Hyakume's explanation, she entered in her name before confirming that there was a low-gravity, temperature controlled environment, suited for preservation, beyond the door. As Marika thought about their first glimpse at the treasure, Gruier told Marika what she was probably expecting wasn't to be found aboard the ship before opening the door. As they went through the emptied treasure vaults, Gruier explained that most of the contents had been taken out to be sold during times of economic crisis. At the end of the passage, Gruier operated another mechanical display and opened the door to the sleeper area.

Gruier - Authentication Unit

Gruier presents a lock of her hair.

Identifying a frozen specimen to Marika, Gruier said about how the genes and live samples for every species in the Serenity system were stored there, but added that it was just a back-up and even if they managed to duplicate Serenity's environment elsewhere that would still be all it would be. When they reached the end of the corridor beyond the sleeper area, Gruier stepped onto the symbol on the floor before the door, which caused a rose-like machine to move forward. Mentioning that long ago it used to require a drop of blood, Gruier took out a strand of her hair and placed it in the machine.

The door started to open but then jammed. Gruier was about to move to the door but stood back as Schnitzer and the rest of the crew set about pulling it open.

Once the door was opened, Gruier went in the room beyond and stood before the giant rose-like machine. When Marika asked her if she was planning to close the hatch behind her once she was inside, Gruier replied that she gave up on the idea when they forced the hatch open. She confirmed that the machine was the important thing she was after and when Misa commented about it, asked if she knew what it was. She let Misa say what she thought and was impressed when Misa was able to describe the artificial womb just from sight, commenting that doctors were scary. When Misa said that this was where the royal family was born, Gruier nodded silently.

The group then received word from Coorie that another group was heading their way and shortly afterwards, Grunhilde and her escorts entered via the ceiling hatch. The two sibling began to argue with Gruier arguing that the royal family's role was over and that bringing the rose spring wouldn't bring Serenity's former glory, while her sister supported the history and past prestige of the royal family, wishing to revive its glory. As Gruier was telling her sister she wasn't seeing reality, Marika pushed her down as she threw a flashbang, which was followed by a smoke grenade, seemingly starting a firefight between the two sides. As Marika ran through the smoke, Misa injected a canister of sleeping gas into Gruier's suit, knocking her out.

Gruier regained consciousness on the bridge and without fully realising what she was doing, typed in the authorisation code in the computer at Marika's request. On being handed a drink by Catherine, Gruier fully woke up and was surprised to see both the pirates and the Serenity forces together. Asking what this was about, she learned that they had cooperated to ensure a peaceful resolution - the Serenity forces couldn't defy the princesses, but the pirates could. After asking what they plan to do next, Gruier was dismayed to learn that they were taking the ghost ship back to Serenity and asked them why they think she came to the ghost ship in the first place, only to be reminded that she never told them.

She was then surprised to learn that the bio-plant was finished anyway, drained dry of cells and genetic samples. Misa then arrived holding a baby, the last of the Serenity royal family to be born on the Golden Ghost Ship, and handed it to Gruier who was happily momentarily but realised to her horror that she almost killed the child. Marika reassured her that she came in time to save it and if she hadn't it wouldn't have been able to be revived. Gruier thanked Marika, just as the baby woke up and began crying.

Gruier, Grunhilde - Return to Serenity

Gruier and Grunhilde journey to Serenity aboard the ghost ship.

After giving her newborn sibling to Catherine, Gruier asked Marika about what happened between her and Yotof. Gruier was surprised that Marika made plans with Yotof and that Grunhilde and her were being deceived all along, to which Marika replied they didn't deceive her - they just didn't tell her. Looking over at Grunhilde regaining consciousness, Gruier started laughing and told Marika she was like her father Gonzaemon in her deviousness - in a good way.

As the ghost ship reached Serenity, Gruier announced its return to the people together with Grunhilde [6].

Shortly after the Bentenmaru left for the Sea of the Morning Star, Gruier sent Marika a message asking for their help once again, though this was actually a ruse to get them to come back for an award ceremony, with Gruier presenting Marika with a medal for her help in the search for the ghost ship.

Gruier - Time With Marika

Gruier and Marika take a walk.

With their return to Hakuoh Academy, Gruier and Grunhilde surprised Marika by making an appearance at the Yacht clubroom. After school, Gruier visited Marika at the Lamp House and waited for her shift to be over while she enjoyed a chocolate parfait. She and Marika later walked along the river and conversed about the earlier incidents they were involved in. It was at that time that Gruier then presented Marika with the Bentenmaru captain's ID ring, previously imparted to her by Gonzaemon. The two eventually parted ways after Marika asked Gruier what her father was like.
Gruier - Time With Ririka

Gruier and Ririka spend time together.

Gruier and Grunhilde were invited to Marika's house some time later. Following dinner, Marika and Gruier entertained themselves with fireworks while Gruier had a rare moment cleaning the dishes with Ririka. As they cleaned, they talked about the state of affairs back at Serenity and what Gruier intended to do from then on.

On their way home, Grunhilde suddenly told her sister that she finally understood why she was very fond of Marika as she looked back on her experiences during the day.

Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

While Marika was contacting Show in the clubroom, Gruier was in the simulator control room assisting with an exercise for the first-years and listened silently as her friends speculated about what Marika was doing. Having found out that the Bentenmaru crew was in quarantine, Gruier went, in disguise, to meet with Marika as she was heading to the relay station to look for a substitute crew [7].

When the yacht club agreed to help Marika fill in for her quarantined crew, Marika didn't tell Gruier and Grunhilde when the practice cruise would take place. Chiaki secretly told them and they both stowed away aboard the Odette II, being discovered after the Odette II left the relay station. After Marika mentioned to Gruier that she should really remember she's a princess, Gruier replied that she considered herself more a yacht club member than a princess.

After making their preparations, the yacht club left the Odette II and headed for the Bentenmaru. As they were approaching the ship, Marika was suddenly contacted by Misa. As Marika wondered what to do, Gruier told her she should answer the call so as not to appear suspicious. After the call ended, Gruier noted that Misa didn't say anything regarding their actions (though they were actually well aware of them) and smiled when Marika mentioned how she didn't want them to worry.

Once aboard the Bentenmaru, they gathered on the bridge. Not long afterwards, Gruier and the others witnessed an accidental laser discharge, caused by an overly curious Maki. Though the others were dismayed, Gruier thought it was pretty. Despite not knowing the exact launch procedure, they attempted to get the Bentenmaru underway, with Gruier working at Misa's seat, though the first attempt was unsuccessful.

As Marika wondered what to do next, Gruier brought out some snacks that they'd brought along with them from Lamp House for the others to eat while they thought things over, mentioning a saying from her country ("sweets for when you're worried"). Not long afterwards, Show contacted Marika to deliver the Bentenmaru instruction manual. Following the manual, the yacht club made a second launch attempt, this time successfully.

Once they were underway, Marika proposed trying an FTL jump, however there was nothing in the manual regarding them. Due to the imminent arrival of some military ships who saw the earlier laser discharge, they need to leave quickly. Gruier and the others worriedly looked at Marika, who decided to jump. With the basic steps remembered and performed, and using the more reliable converter reactor, they were able to carry out the FTL jump. After the Bentenmaru entered subspace, Gruier and her sister spotted a camera which the crew had been using to watch them - a fact which Chiaki confirmed with them in the corridor after ripping it out. Gruier agreed with Chiaki about keeping this secret from Marika [8].

After dinner, Gruier settled down for the night, sharing a cabin with Grunhilde, Sasha and Yayoi. The next morning, Gruier tried to wake Marika, even using slaps and pinches, but ultimately failing - something which she told Marika when she got up to the bridge. Once Marika was dressed, she briefed the group on the details of their pirate job, a raid on the Princess Apricot. After Marika reassured the nervous ones and restored the group's determination, Gruier said she'd do what she could to help.

Gruier and Grunhilde remained onboard the Bentenmaru as the others carried out the raid on the Princess Apricot. Afterwards, Gruier rejoined the group as they celebrated their success. Mentioning how fun the piracy looked, Gruier asked Chiaki if she could perhaps try it on the Barbaroosa sometime but Chiaki refused, asking her to remember her position. When Marika was distracted by Lynn's behavior, Gruier told her that she should eat too as the food wouldn't last long.

After Grunhilde told her about Lynn's actions the night before, the two visited Marika and Chiaki to inform them. At Marika's decision, they brought Lynn in to ask what was wrong and learned that she had a job for the Bentenmaru - to kidnap Jenny Dolittle [9]. She listened as Lynn explained Jenny's circumstances and the details of the job, noting how Hugh and Dolittle was known for being quite aggressive for a family-run company and how Robert Dolittle must consider Jenny a big threat to try removing her via a forced marriage. She was also present as the rest of the yacht club agreed to help Jenny.

Before they could act however, they were alerted to an approaching craft, which turned out to be Jenny herself flying a Silent Whisper, a craft that Gruier noted had only been sold to wealthy corporations and stellar navies so far, adding that Serenity had recently acquired one. Gruier remained on the bridge as the craft was brought aboard and was present for Jenny's intimate reunion with Lynn, during which she asked if the two were in a relationship. She observed Marika and Jenny's discussion with Show regarding the job, noting that Jenny's offer of 10% of the gross profit from her company Fairy Jane, which was making fifty trillion a year, for the next 10 years, which Grunhilde said was half the royal palace's annual budget. With the arrival of the Hugh and Dolittle fleet shortly afterwards, she and the others took their places on the bridge and worked to get the Bentenmaru to temporary safety, with Gruier providing the coordinates for the FTL jump [10].

Gruier joined Grunhilde, Marika, Chiaki and Jenny to discuss their next course of action. She asked Jenny if she knew of any weaknesses that her uncle might have but Jenny wasn't able to think of anything. At Grunhilde's suggestion, they changed their focus to Jenny's fiancé. She remembered that she had met Junigh at a party once and that he had seemed off, agreeing with what Jenny had thought. When Grunhilde mentioned how the elite often have weaknesses which can be found if one searches enough, Gruier added that morals were not of particular concern here.

Gruier remained onboard the Bentenmaru with Grunhilde, Lynn and Ai while the others boarded the Glorious Coolph, and observed the events that unfolded. When Chiaki exploded in anger and Lynn wondered if it was because she didn't get to do any piracy last time, Gruier complained that she had wanted to do it to. Afterwards, Gruier joined the others to celebrate their success before they returned home [11].

Nebula Cup Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

Gruier-Grunhilde ~ Lunch Meeting

Gruier and Grunhilde talk about Marika.

A few days after the yacht club returned from the Bentenmaru, Gruier was talking to Grunhilde during lunch about the fun they had and mentioned that she had asked Marika to call them if another chance arises some time. When Grunhilde said about how Gruier was such good friends with Marika but she thought that the two shouldn't get too close due to being princess and pirate, Gruier asked her if this was a problem too big for the royal family to handle. She then added that it likely wasn't a coincidence that she received the Bentenmaru's ID ring from Gonzaemon, saying that they were bonded by fate and destined to meet one another.

Gruier joined the rest of the yacht club to performing cleaning on the Odette II. As they were on the road to the airport, Gruier helped Marika to a large of snacks. When the yacht club finished cleaning for the day and Marika decided to stay behind to clean the Bentenmaru, Gruier asked if she needed her to help. When Marika thanked her, saying that she'd ask when she collapsed, Gruier said she'd be waiting for her to collapse sooner.

On the second day of cleaning, Gruier was performing work on a terminal and asked a tired Marika to pass her a component. After Marika tripped over a toolbox (unknowingly losing her ID ring in the process), Gruier asked if she was alright, commenting that she seemed worn out. She was also present when several members were discussing what to do with the engine room's safety relay, mentioning how it looked very old.

Gruier ~ Marika's Little Helper

Gruier expresses her wish to help Marika in the future.

After Grunhilde discovered and identified Marika's ID ring, Gruier accompanied the rest of the yacht club to the Bentenmaru and undid the master lock. Gruier then reminded Marika that the ring symbolised the bond between them (including Grunhilde as well). At the relay station, she and Grunhilde were present as the two crews sorted out the stuff from the Bentenmaru in the yacht club's storeroom. On the shuttle back to the Sea of the Morning Star, Gruier noticed that Marika wasn't onboard and learned she had stayed behind. She hoped aloud to help Marika out again some time, to which Grunhilde told her not to do it alone [12].
Gruier ~ Nebula Cup

Gruier signals the beginning of the Nebula Cup.

Gruier was present when the yacht club met to consider competing in the Nebula Cup. She also participated in the windsurfing race to decide who would be representing them in the tournament, but soon fell off and was helped ashore by Maki. When Grunhilde came second, Gruier praised her, despite (or perhaps because) her use of a tow-rope hooked to Natalia's board [13].

At the opening ceremony for the Nebula Cup, Gruier, in her princess attire, fired the starting pistol to begin the race [14].

Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

Gruier ~ Tea Time

Gruier serves tea to Marika and Chiaki.

Gruier learned about the pirate hunters from Catherine and on hearing it, worried about Marika. While Marika was preparing both a farewell cruise for the graduates and her next job (in light of the pirate hunting incidents), Gruier and several others were taking part in dinghy simulations [15].

Gruier came into the club room when Chiaki was talking to Marika. While serving them tea, Gruier mentioned that the gravity controlling ship may have come from a higher-level area than any nearby governments. She then promised to look into the Grand Cross and the Parabellum.

While eating parfaits at Lamp House, Gruier told Marika and Chiaki that there were at least four companies working on classified projects for the Galactic Empire, involving the construction of battleships with gravity control technology. Later, at Marika's house, Gruier was present (wearing a maid outfit lent to her by Mami) as Chiaki explained about the legendary chef, toasting with Marika at every mention of the chef, to Chiaki's confusion and slight irritation [16].

Ironbeard - Meeting Gruier

Gruier greets her old friend.

Gruier was present on the Odette II, in a captain's uniform of her own, when the ship arrived at the site of the battle between the pirates and the Grand Cross, only to find that the battle was over. She and the other yacht members then boarded the Parabellum to return to the Sea of the Morning Star while the graduates took over flying the ship. Onboard, Gruier greeted Ironbeard, who complimented her uniform, and thanked him for accepting her request. She then asked him if he met Marika, calling him 'Captain Gonzaemon' to which he replied that he was the space pirate Ironbeard [17].

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

Gruier Serenity - Painting

Painting the poster

During the spring break before the next year of school began, Gruier helped with the yacht club's preparations for their recruitment drive, painting an image for their promotional posters [18][19].

Gruier Serenity - Abyss of Hyperspace

Gruier smiles at Grunhilde

After Marika brought Kanata to the Serenity guest house for the night, Gruier greeted the two when they woke up the next morning and . When Marika talked with Kanata about her father, Gruier said that Captain Gonzaemon was a wonderful person (initially in the present tense before quickly correcting herself). She also noticed Grunhilde staring at Kanata during this time [18][20].

Abyss of Hyperspace - Chat with Jenny

Chatting with Jenny

When she and Marika met with Misa at the nurse's room at Hakuoh Academy, Gruier told her that the white coat suited her. She also mentioned to Marika about Grunhilde and listened to Marika's conversation with Jenny [18][21].

Abyss of Hyperspace - Gruier and Bodyguards

Gruier with Catherine and the bodyguards

Gruier then went with Marika to the clubroom, where they found the yacht club and Kanata already there. She was present as Lynn cooperated with the Bentenmaru crew to track down the culprit behind the mass information theft in New Okuhama City and as the yacht club helped Kanata solve the puzzle left behind by his father. Later, as the yacht club proceeded with information warfare, Gruier had a private talk with Grunhilde, mentioning the importance of treasuring encounters, before joining Catherine and the Serenity bodyguards [18].

Luca - Reading Magazine

Luca reading the magazine article involving Gruier and Jenny

Following the events surrounding Professor Mugen's legacy, Gruier was featured in a magazine article involving the takeover of companies formerly part of the Yggdrasil Group by Serenity, and also sent Kanata an official letter of congratulations for his achievement [18][22].

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Skull Star Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

When the Bentenmaru was hired by the Galactic Empire's intelligence division to have a small group of people infiltrate the frontier pirate fortress Skull Star, Gruier stowed away onboard the Silent Whisper and ended up accompanying the infiltration group to the Skull Star [23].

Bounty Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

While at the Skull Star, Gruier was involved in a kidnapping incident which led to the group meeting the bounty hunter Noel Blue, leading to a hunt for Jackie Kelvin after they returned to the Sea of the Morning Star [24].

Wanted Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

While the Bentenmaru was wanted due to being framed by Rakion, Gruier helped Marika by arranging for her to stay at Serenity under a pretense [25].

Timeslip Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Gruier was onboard Odette II when it went back in time. She was in charge of the communications and one of the main members of the bridge that discussed various strategies along with Marika, Lynn, and Jenny.

Gruier was in contact with a group of volunteers that made Marika her captain suit during the operation, which Jenny asked Marika to wear in order to boost the morale of the crew. Marika viewed this as Gruier wanting to see her in different cosplay costumes. She was one of the members with longest working hours on the bridge, where Marika ordered Gruier to sleep after herself had slept in twice and found Gruier still working on the bridge, and insisted she was built differently thus required less rest [26].


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