The HH-class (HH級, HH-kyū) is an escort ship class [1].


As perhaps suggested by the name of the class, the ship's design resembles that of a hammerhead shark. The bow has a hammerhead shape with sensors on either side. Two cooling fins are located in the middle of the craft, one above and one below the hull, with an antenna on the starboard side of the latter. The bridge is unexposed and located within the base of the spine of the upper fin. Four main boosters are located in the stern [2]

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The HH-class's exact capabilities are not fully known, however the class possesses at least the minimum firepower and electronic warfare capacity that an escort ship is expected to possess [1]. According to Schnitzer, the HH is a good ship [1].


Judging by Schnitzer's comments, the HH had been in service for a while before the events of Abyss of Hyperspace, as it was said that it wasn't the latest model of ship [1]. The ship is apparently one and a half generations behind the current generation of warships [2].

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

Two HH-class ships from the Mira Stellar Forces were involved in the events concerning the search for Professor Mugen's legacy, having been commandeered by the Yggdrasil Group while they were undergoing once-in-three-years in-dock maintenance [1].

Known fleets with HHsEdit

  • Mira Stellar Forces/Yggdrasil fleet



  • The class's name, HH, given the design of the ship, seems to refer to the hammerhead shark.


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