The Hakugin Go (白銀号, Hakugin-gō) is a pirate ship and one of the ships that participated in the battle between the frontier pirates and the Grand Cross.



The Hakugin Go has a cone and cylinder shape common to many rockets, with four slanted fins at the rear. The bridge is located just behind the nose cone. Behind the bridge, there is a single cannon on the underside of the hull and a multiple cannon turret on the upperside of the hull. There is a docking bay behind the cannons on the starboard side of the ship. On the edge of each of the four fins is an additional engine with a cone at the front.



The Hakugin Go appears to have a bridge layout similar to many ships from the War of Independence. The captain's seat is located on the upper level of the bridge with the ship's emblem on the wall behind it.

Colour SchemeEdit

The Hakugin Go has a silver colour scheme with black bands and teal engine cones.

Hakugin Go - Emblem

The Hakugin Go's pirate emblem

The Hakugin Go's emblem consists of a cup over a triangle with two wings, one on each side, curving up to form the shape of a heart.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Hakugin Go's exact combat capacity isn't known, but the ship had several sets of cannons.


Pirate Hunter ArcEdit

When the call summoning the frontier pirates was sent out in response to the attacks by the Grand Cross, the Hakugin Go was one of the ships that heeded the summon and headed for the Pirate's Nest. After the Pirate's Council had been held, the Hakugin Go departed with the rest of the pirate fleet to confront the Grand Cross.

During the battle between the frontier pirates and Quartz's three Grand Cross ships, the Hakugin Go was one of several ships that opened fire on Grand Cross β when it was immobilised in a chaff field created by the El Santo's escort ships self-destructing. Grand Cross β's gravity shield soon succumbed to the heavy missile bombardment and it was destroyed [1].



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