Hammer Khan (ハンマー・カーン, Hanmā Kān) is the captain of the Back Slash [1], who appeared during the Pirate's Council held at the Pirate's Nest [2].


Hammer Khan has green hair with a long pointed beard and a thin mustache with six whiskers.

He wears brown eastern robes, a light brown sleeveless coat with a fur rim and an Asian-style conical hat with a red plume. He also wears brown arm braces and green pieces of armour, including arm and shoulderpads [2]. He carries a katana with a black and yellow handle, and a brown sheath [1].

Personality & CharacterEdit

Little is known about Hammer Khan's personality.


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

When Quartz Christie appeared in the conference room, Hammer Khan was among the captains who gathered there and witnessed Marika's challenge to Quartz. He was also present with the rest of the pirate captains for the council and the accompanying feast, as well as the after-party [2].

Fever Mouretsu Pirates (Game-Only)Edit

Hammer Khan and the Back Slash appear as opponents for Marika and the Bentenmaru in the game's sixth Galaxy Episode. Depending on circumstances, the two face each other either in a swordfight or ship-to-ship, with the outcome resting on the player's actions [1].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

It can be assumed that Khan possesses the skills which are required for one to operate as a pirate captain.



  • Hammer Khan isn't named within the anime itself but his name is present in the Akiman Design Works and Fever Mouretsu Pirates [3][1].
  • The ship Hammer Khan commands wasn't confirmed in the anime, though the similarities between him and the Back Slash's pirate emblem hinted he was it's captain. He was confirmed as the captain of the Back Slash in his appearance in Fever Mouretsu Pirates and in the Akiman Design Works [1][3].
  • Khan is an Asian surname and also used as a Mongol ruler's title.


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