• Marika with a hologram
  • Luca reading a magazine with a holographic article
A Hologram is a projected three-dimensional image of an object or person.


Holograms are commonly used for visual displays on a variety of devices, from ship consoles to PDAs [1][2] and magazine articles [3].

The Parabellum makes use of holographic technology to impress onlookers with an image of the ship's captain, Ironbeard, standing on the deck in the vacuum of space without a spacesuit and a flapping flag at the mast [4].

The Nebula Cup makes use of holograms for mid-air checkpoints along the race course [5].

External LinksEdit


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  3. Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace
  4. Sailing 23
  5. Sailing 21

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