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Honorifics are words which are used when addressing or referring to people, providing certain connotations. In Japanese, the language in which the Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series was originally released, a wide array of honorific suffixes are used, attached to a person's given or family name, and are generally an important part of everyday speech.


Common HonorificsEdit




  • After Marika acquired some fame following the search for the Golden Ghost Ship, various students at Hakuoh Academy started referring to her as 'Marika-sama' [1].



  • Marika and some others refer to Kanata Mugen as 'Kanata-kun' [2].
  • The yacht club's mascot is called Odette-kun [2].




-senpai is a honorific which is used when addressing a senior, such as an upperclassman at school or a senior colleague at work.


  • Given that a large part of the series involves students, '-senpai' is often used when junior students refer to senior students.



  • Given that he is their advisor and a teacher, most of the yacht club members refer to Kane McDougal with '-sensei'.

External LinksEdit


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