Abyss of Hyperspace - Close to Comet

Comet Hrbek Oda

Hrbek Oda is a comet present in the Hawkings system, where Professor Mugen's ship and his legacy, the Advaseele, were located [1][2][3][4][5].


Hrbek Oda is a periodic comet which is present in the Hawkings system [2][1]. The comet's orbit takes it past several unstable areas in space, which are ideal for subspace diving [3][1].


In the past, Professor Mugen moored his base ship, the Mugen Workshop, to the comet, in order to take advantage of the unstable areas near the comet's orbit for diving [2][3][1].

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

Movie Slide 2

The Bentenmaru approaches the comet

After discovering the location of Professor Mugen's legacy by solving the puzzle within Flint [2], the Bentenmaru headed for the comet ahead of the Yggdrasil Group's fleet.[6] Locating Professor Mugen's workshop ship on the comet, the crew managed to get close enough to insert a boarding party onto the ship. While maintaining minimum contact from the comet for communications, the Bentenmaru came under attack from the Hughroque and two HH-class vessels while an assault ship brought a Yggdrasil boarding party to the professor's workshop [1][3].

The Bentenmaru continued to be locked in the exchange of fire with the Yggdrasil ships as the Advaseele dove into subspace with several Flawens on its tail. Shortly afterwards, the combined Barbaroosa and Odette II arrived and engaged the enemy, allowing the Bentenmaru to make for the comet. After retrieving the boarding party, the Bentenmaru headed after the Advaseele [1][4].


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