The Hughroque (ヒュローク, Hyurōku) is a Rhincodon-class battleship [1].



The Hughroque's exterior design is the same as other Rhincodon-class ships, with a shape resembling that of a whale shark.


Hughroque - Bridge

Hughroque's bridge

The Hughroque's bridge is a large blue chamber with several levels. The captain's seat is positioned on the top level with two seats behind it and two stations either side on the level below it. On the bottom level, towards the front of the bridge are six stations, grouped into two sets of three to the right and left [1].

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Hughroque's exact capabilities are not fully known, but the ship possesses the level of firepower and electronic warfare capability that would be expected of a battleship [1].


The Hughroque has been in commission in the Mira Stellar Forces for at least three years, given that it was undergoing maintenance that the ships in the Mira Stellar Forces are required to undergo after every three years of commission [1].

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

During the events of the film, the Hughroque was supposed to be in-dock for once-in-three-years maintenance, however while the crew were away it was taken out of port and used by the Yggdrasil Group for their own ends with an imposter posing as the captain [1].

The ship first appeared after the Bentenmaru's raid on the Begin The Begin, together with 2 HH-class ships. After touching down, the imposter captain demanded that the pirates surrender and hand Kanata Mugen over to them, however Marika and Coorie quickly exposed him as a fake. As the Bentenmaru executed an FTL jump, the Hughroque launched several Flawen submersibles to cause disturbances within subspace to prevent them from escaping, but the Bentenmaru thwarted their efforts by diving to a different subspace route [1][2].

The Hughroque and its escorts later reappeared when the pirates were investigating Professor Mugen's ship and fired on the Bentenmaru while deploying an assault ship to board the professor's ship. When the ship started to break up and the Advaseele was launched, the boarding party returned to the ship and the Flawens were deployed to give chase while the Hughroque continue its attack. The Odette II and the Barbaroosa, docked together, then appeared and engaged the Hughroque and its escorts, allowing the Bentenmaru to go after the Flawens [1][3][4].



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