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The Jabberwocky (ジャバウォッキー, Jabau~okkī) is a battleship (Maracot-class (anime)[1]/Locutus-class (novel)[2]) belonging to Hugh and Dolittle's private escort fleet.


Light NovelEdit

In the novels, the Jabberwocky has a design typical of a Locutus-class battleship.


The Jabberwocky has the standard catamaran design for a Maracot-class battleship in the anime.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Light NovelEdit

In the novels, as an electronic battleship, the Jabberwocky possesses considerable electronic warfare capacity as well as battleship-class firepower.


The Jabberwocky possesses the firepower typical of a Maracot-class ship, with five rotating twin-turrets on each side of the ship. The ship also possesses electronic warfare capacity.


Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

The Jabberwocky was first seen when the Hugh and Dolittle fleet was searching for Jenny Dolittle after she escaped from the Ultimate Fairy before her arranged wedding and was present when the fleet attacked the Bentenmaru. The Bentenmaru escaped using an FTL jump, however the Jabberwocky and several other ships soon surrounded them [1].

On Robert Dolittle's order, the Jabberwocky and the other ships opened fire on the Bentenmaru which evaded and jammed their attacks. After a while, the fleet headed towards the Bentenmaru with the Jabberwocky intending to dock and perform boarding operations while the other ships planned to knock out their engines. They were then confused when the Bentenmaru seemingly split into three separate Bentenmarus. The first headed for the Jabberwocky and performed an FTL jump to escape. The Jabberwocky and the other ships then gave chase [1].



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