John (ジョン, Jon) was the captain of the pirate ship Southern Island before its destruction at the hands of the Grand Cross.


John has dark hair that covers his right eye, a thin mustache and a scar on his left cheek. He wears a captain's coat with shoulderpads, a red scarf and shirt and a pointed tricorne hat [1].


At some point in the past, John acquired his Letter of Marque and captaincy of the Southern Island.


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

When the call summoning the frontier pirates was broadcast, John was one of the captains who answered the call of the pirate's song and set a course for the Pirate's Nest. However en route to their destination, another ship touched down in front of them and his radar operator expressed disbelief. John told him to report what he was seeing and learned that the another ship was rapidly approaching via zigzagging. Quickly realising that it was the pirate hunter, he ordered all hands to prepare for battle as the Grand Cross opened fire [1].

A member of the Barbaroosa's crew later reported to Kenjo Kurihara that the Southern Island had been lost [1]. The fate of John and his crew is unknown.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

John presumably had skills that are necessary for one to be a pirate captain.


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