Junigh Coolph (ジュナイ・クールフ, Junai Kūrufu) is the eldest son of Theodore Coolph, the Secretary of Interstellar Transportation. He was planned to be married to Jenny Dolittle [1][2] to help expand Hugh and Dolittle's influence.


Junigh has slanted blue eyes and combed back blonde hair with a tuft sticking out at the front towards the right.

He wears a pale blue suit and trousers with a dark blue shirt and a red tie.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Junigh is described as being spoiled. He appears to be fairly cowardly and a bit stupid.


Junight Coolph was selected to be married to Jenny Dolittle before she was even born [3] in order to expand Hugh and Dolittle's influence. For some time before the start of the series, Junigh had been holding secret parties aboard his private ship, the Glorious Coolph [1] - the exact nature of these parties differs between the light novels and the anime.


Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

Prior to his arranged marriage with Jenny Dolittle, Junigh was attending one of his parties aboard his private ship. Jenny had no intention of going through with the marriage and had turned to the Bentenmaru for help. With the Hugh and Dolittle escort fleet pursuing them, they decided to board the Glorious Coolph in hopes of finding something that they could use to get the marriage cancelled.

Jenny - Ruthless Fiancée

Junigh's blubbering

In the novels, Marika and the yacht club boarded the ship, broadcasting what they saw. They found Junigh and his guests in the middle of an orgy with many illegal drugs, and not in a particularly aware state. In the anime, the group found Junigh heading a revolutionary rally, which was broken up by a stressed Chiaki, with Junigh quickly breaking down and pleading for his life [1].

Afterwards, Junigh's marriage to Jenny was cancelled.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Aside from the influence and wealth of his family, his father being the Secretary of Interstellar Transportation, it is unknown what skills Junigh possesses, if any.


Jenny DolittleEdit

Jenny doesn't like Junigh and could feel something off regarding him. She showed little reservation about humiliating him [1].



  • In Sailing 18, the name on Junigh's profile is displayed inconsistently between shots, as either 'Junigh Coolph' and 'Junay Krooph'. This discrepancy was present for both the original broadcast version and the BD/DVD release.


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