Mr Kipling (キップリング, Kippuringu) is a teacher at Hakuoh Academy and Marika's former homeroom teacher who was hospitalised shortly before the events of the series.


Personality & CharacterEdit


Before the events of the series, Kipling was the homeroom teacher for Marika's class [1] and advisor to the yacht club [2]. However he was hospitalised after injuring both his legs in an accident, involving a failed landing during an attempt to break an altitude record in his own human-powered aircraft [3]. The accident happened a few days before Gonzaemon's death, leaving his post open to be filled by Kane McDougal.


Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Being the former yacht club advisor, Kipling presumably has experience with the sailing ships the yacht club's activities are based around. He is capable of constructing and flying his own aircraft, as shown by his ill-fated record attempt.





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