The Kokuchou (黒鳥, Kokuchou, Black Swan) was a pirate ship and one of the Original Seven. It was lost in the battle over Garnet A during the last days of the War of Independence.


Most of the Kokuchou's design specifications are unknown, though the ship was known to be larger than the Odette II, which was able to be housed within it [1].

After Jackie Kelvin obtained the ship's wreck, about 70% of the original ship hull that survived the battle, he modified it into a powerful FTL engine capable of transporting a whole space station [1].

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Kokuchou was a high-speed cruiser before it received its Letter of Marque. It underwent major modification and was the ship with thickest armour among the privateers that fought at Garnet A. It also had a relatively good communication system that made it fit for being the command ship during the battle. It's generators were also really powerful, capable of creating huge space-time distortions outside the ship.


The Kokuchou was one of the Original Seven pirate ships that received a Letter of Marque from the Colony Federation during the War of Independence. In the last days of war, the Kokuchou was one of the pirate ships that took part in a battle in the Garnet A system to prevent the activation of the Stellar Slayer. The Kokuchou was heavily damaged during the battle and was thought lost, but was believed to have taken the enemy's commmand ship with her. Unknown to all other parties, it actually went into subspace before it was dragged down into Garnet A. Little is known about what happened to the ship afterwards before Jackie obtained it as scrap [1].

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Over a century after the ship went down, a non-FTL distress signal from the Kokuchou was received by the Odette II during a simulation exercise. The Bentenmaru and Barbaroosa also received the signal and moved to investigate. The Barbaroosa detected the wreck of the Kokuchou above Garnet A's north pole (with a large portion missing), however shortly afterwards, the ship vanished, together with some unnatural gravitational anomalies [2].

When the Bentenmaru, Barbaroosa and Odette II went to Garnet A to investigate further, it was revealed that the wreck was under the control of Jackie Kelvin, who had modified it into a powerful FTL engine. It was used to transport the Garnet A Stellar Slayer station and the Odette II to the frontier, after which the Odette II took control of it and had it randomly jump in order to escape from the pursuing Chimaera of Skylla [3].


  • Kokuchou's name means 'Black Swan', which, aside from being a species of swan, is also an epithet associated with the character Odile from Swan Lake, the evil counterpart to Odette the White Swan.


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