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Last Voyage
Last Voyage - Cover
Original Release Date 3rd December 2012
Volume Volume 1
Arc Golden Ghost Ship Arc
Previous 5th Voyage

Last Voyage is the 6th and final chapter of the Miniskirt Pirates manga. It was released in the December 2012 issue of Nico Nico Asahi Comic Fantasy and later in Miniskirt Pirates Manga Volume 1.


The Bentenmaru's search for the ghost ship comes to an end.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Bentenmaru finds the Golden Ghost Ship.
  • Reaching the ghost ship's bio-plant, the boarding party have a confrontation with Grunhilde and Jackie, ending with Jackie being knocked down by Marika and Chiaki. The last child is born from the bio-plant.
  • Having completed the mission, the Bentenmaru heads for home.


New CharactersEdit


New ShipsEdit



Differences from Light NovelEdit

  • Jackie wasn't part of the events concerning the Golden Ghost Ship in the novels [1].
  • Chiaki wasn't on the Bentenmaru or among the boarding party during the encounter with the Golden Ghost Ship in the original version [1][2].



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