The Legendary Chef (伝説の料理人, Densetsu no Ryōrijin) (real name unknown) was the man who cooked for the first Pirate's Council during the War of Independence. His delicious meals are what helped bring the pirates together. He had five sons, all of whom are chefs and at least two are connected to the pirate business.


In a flashback, the Legendary Chef wore white robes with a shirt underneath and a bandana. His face was obscured but he was shown to have eyebrows pointing up at the outer ends like his sons [1].

Personality & CharacterEdit


During the War of Independence, when the first Pirate's Council was held at the Pirate's Nest, the Legendary Chef cooked for the assembled captains. His meals are renowned as what helped to bring the pirates together [2].


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime Only)Edit

Over a century after the War of Independence, Marika Kato and Chiaki Kurihara sought out the Legendary Chef in order to gather the frontier pirate together in order to oppose the threat posed by the Grand Cross. Marika approached his son, believing him to be the Legendary Chef. He corrected her and after remembering when the chef was serving the pirates, broadcasted the song summoning the pirates to the Pirate's Nest [3].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

The chef's culinary skills are legendary and what helped bring the pirates together during the War of Independence.





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