The Liberty-class (リバティ級, Ribati-kyū) was a transport ship class used before and during the War of Independence.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Many varieties of the Liberty-class existed, both Class-I and Class-II, with some of the latter able to be attached to FTL boosters. Some ships of this class were also armed during the war. Different optional modifications were available even for civilian ships, like a high speed model with stronger thrusters. The military version could carry at least 8 unmanned probes as decoys [1].


The Liberty-class were in service before and during the war, with many varieties of the class being used. After the war, the class was phased out due to new technologies introduced by the Galactic Empire [1].

Timeslip Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

The Odette II encounters a Liberty-class ship after falling through a timeslip to the War of Independence [1].


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