A liner (客船, Kyakusen) or luxury liner (豪華客船, Gōka Kyakusen) is a ship meant for transporting large numbers of passengers.


Due to their nature as a ship for carrying large numbers of passengers on cruises through space, liners are fairly large and usually possess FTL capability.

As liners are meant to transport large numbers of passengers, they have to have plenty of accommodation and facilities onboard to support them and provide them with quality service. Many liners have luxury accommodation, classy décor and large guest halls with a view out into space [1][2].

Cruise lines are common customers for licensed pirate ships, who are hired to carry out 'raids' on liners, providing entertainment for the passengers onboard [1]. These activities help pirate ships like the Bentenmaru fulfill the conditions of their Letter of Marque and continue operating in times of peace, though some feel that the crews that have come to do little but put on shows are no longer pirates [3].

Known classesEdit

  • Angel-class [4]

Known individual linersEdit

Central LineEdit

Fairy JaneEdit

Five Star LineEdit

Frigard LineEdit



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