The web manga adaption of the Miniskirt Pirates series, was released in Nico Nico Asahi Comic Fantasy on Nico Nico Seiga, starting on 2nd June 2012, with a tankoubon volume being released on 7th December 2012. It follows the general plot of the original light novel series with elements from the Mouretsu Pirates anime adaption, starting with the Golden Ghost Ship Arc.

Chapter ListEdit

# Title Release Date Story Arc
1 1st Voyage 3rd June, 2012 Golden Ghost Ship
2 2nd Voyage 3rd July 2012 Golden Ghost Ship
3 3rd Voyage 3rd August 2012 Golden Ghost Ship
4 4th Voyage 3rd September 2012 Golden Ghost Ship
5 5th Voyage 3rd October 2012 Golden Ghost Ship
6 Last Voyage 3rd December 2012 Golden Ghost Ship



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