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This is a list of various locations seen in the Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series.

Sea of the Morning StarEdit

New Okuhama City
Kato House ~ Morning View Hakuoh Academy Lamp House - River View New Okuhama Airport
Kato House Hakuoh Academy Lamp House New Okuhama Airport
Abyss of Hyperspace - Serenity Guest House
Serenity Guest House
Relay Station
Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station

Planets and Star SystemsEdit

Tau Ceti System
Sand of the Red Star Image Not Available Sea of the Morning Star
Sand of the Red Star Stone of the White Star Sea of the Morning Star
Serenity - Twin Planets
Planet ~ Calmwind Image Not Available Image Not Available Pirate's Nest
Calmwind Sea of the Forest Star Space University Pirate's Nest

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