The Locutus-class (ロキュータス級, Rokyuutasu-kyū) is a relatively new electronic battleship class. It is used by various militaries including the Galactic Empire Imperial fleet and Hugh and Dolittle's private fleet.


It is a relatively large ship.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Being an electronic battleship, the Locutus-class mainly rely on electronic warfare during combat. It is usually used as the flagship, with its superior electronic warfare equipment. 2 of the class working together are supposedly able to launch an electronic attack on a fortress. It also has powerful beam weaponry.


The exact history of the Locutus isn't fully known, but ships of this class are in service by the time the series takes place, with one of them serving as the current flagship for Hugh and Dolittle's private fleet. The 2nd and 3rd Imperial Fleets also each have 7 of them. A total of 28 were in combat shape during the Wanted Arc [1].

Known ShipsEdit


  • The Locutus-class is probably named after Locutus of Borg (bearing the same Japanese Katakana) from the Star Trek series.


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