The Luna Lion (ルナライオン, Runaraion) is a customised ship registered in West Kilia and owned by Jackie Kelvin [1][2][3].


Due to extensive customisation, the ship's original shape is no longer recognisable. The ship's current shape is described as being like a tropical fish when its antenna wings are extended. Its exterior is completely covered with expensive tiny scales that act as both receivers and transmitters for electronic warfare.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Luna Lion has highly sophisticated electronic equipment onboard, supporting it's owner's hacking skills. It is not designed to handle direct combat, but is highly stealthy and utilizes special technology for its defence. With its antenna wings deployed, it can avoid detection even from the linked radar network of the Bentenmaru, Odette II, Barbaroosa and Silent Whisper, the Odette II with its large antenna masts and extra antennae specialized for electronic warfare and the Silent Whisper being a state-of-art spy plane with electronic warfare systems that can match an electronic warfare battleship.

It is stealthy not only with regards to regular radar waves but also with any electro-magnetic waves, from radio waves to ultra-violet waves. It's stealthiness is further boosted at Garnet A, where the 256 relay probes stationed around the system can send out additional active stealth signals from all sides, which amazed Captain Kenjo Kurihara of the Barbaroosa when the Luna Lion shut down its stealth before docking, leading Kenjo to whisper that Barbaroosa would have been sunk easily if the Luna Lion launched an attack from that close.

While other ships exhibit a strong gravitational distortion signature when entering and exiting subspace for FTL, the Luna Lion has almost no signature at all by utilizing a twin gravity engine system that can neutralize the gravity waves it generates [4]. It also has a gravity distortion field around it to interfere with incoming fire, and only 2 ships had ever managed to hit it, before Bentenmaru did so with the help of Odette II and Silent Whisper [5].


The Luna Lion was registered in West Kilia [1] and at some point came into the ownership of Jackie Kelvin. Over the course of its history, the ship has been extensively modified, drastically changing its shape and specifications from its original design.

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Jackie made use of the Luna Lion during his attempt to seize the Odette II and in the events that followed [5][4][6].

Bounty Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Jackie used the Luna Lion to escape from Marika and Noel when they had him cornered on a roof at Hakuoh Academy [7].


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