The Maracot-class (マラコット級, Marakotto-kyū) is a battleship class used by the various militaries including the Serenity Defence Forces and Hugh and Dolittle's private fleet.


The Maracot-class has a multiple hull structure similar to a catamaran with two long, thin, blade-like hulls, similar to those found on the Talbot-class, connected by a large section at the rear. The bridge is located on a tower in the middle of the connection section. Several rotating gun turrets are located on the outward side of the hulls at the rear (at least 5 per hull), positioned in a slight zigzag pattern rather than being straight like on the Talbot-class. Fins with engines built into them are located on the outer hull and either side of the bridge on the connecting section.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Maracot-class battleships possess considerable firepower and electronic warfare capacity. They also have transmitters capable of commanding entire fleets.


The exact history of the Maracot isn't fully known, but ships of this class are in service by the time the series takes place, with one of them serving as the current flagship for the Serenity Defence Forces.

Known ShipsEdit


  1. Sailing 11
  2. Sailing 18

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