Müller Grant

Muller Grant, one of the Methuselah

The Methuselah (メトセラ, Metosera) are a long-lived humanoid species with lifespans lasting over a century. Their homeworld is long gone and the remainder of their race is spread out around the galaxy [1].


The Methuselah are a humanoid species, resembling humans but with pointy ears [2] and much longer lifespans, lasting over a century [3][4].

Known membersEdit


  • Their name is derived from Methuselah, a man from the Bible said to have lived the longest, dying at 969 years old.
  • Although the Methuselah are not mentioned in the anime, there is a small reference to them in a magazine being read by Luca at the end of Abyss of Hyperspace [7].


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