Miniskirt Space Pirates (ミニスカ宇宙海賊, Minisuka Uchū Kaizoku) is the first volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Busy with space yacht club activities and a part time job at a retro tea house, the spirited female high school student Marika suddenly met a couple claiming to be her deceased father's subordinates, asking her to be the captain of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru. It seems like the century old Letter of Marque from the War of Independence required a direct decendent to take up the post of a deceased captain in order to continue its validity. A new thrilling Space Opera series gorgeously debuts!


Prologue: Pirate Route (海賊航路, Kaizoku Kōro), pg.007
Chapter 1: Hakuoh Academy High School Section (白凰女学園高等部, Hakuoh Jogakuen Kōtō-bu), pg.020
Chapter 2: New Homeroom Teacher & Transfer Student (新担任と転校生, Shin Tan'nin to Tenkōsei), pg.062
Chapter 3: Relay Station (中継ステーション, Chūkei Sutēshon), pg.154
Chapter 4: The Other Side of the Star (星の向こう側, Hoshi no Mukō-gawa), pg.202
Epilogue: Pirate Route (海賊航路, Kaizoku Kōro), pg.299
Afterword, pg.304



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
43 1 Marika in her school uniform, Ririka in an apron, Kane & Misa in black cloaks
67 2 Misa driving with Marika in the back seat after getting on without stopping
121 2 Marika and Mami in maid uniforms, Chiaki in her school uniform
151 2 Marika in her school uniform, firing a gun with protective shades on
225 4 Marika in a spacesuit
301 Ep Marika in her captain's uniform


  • As the first installment, this novel shares its name with the series.
  • Given that the events in the Prologue are continued in the Epilogue, after the events leading up to it have been told in the chapters in-between, the Prologue and Epilogue share the same name.


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